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British Tourism VISA 2023 | Application Process | Fees | Eligibility

Great Britain is not behind when it comes to world-class tourist destinations. Its breathtaking countryside, hustle and bustle of metropolitans, and iconic architecture are things that attract millions of tourists every year to the UK. So, if you also want to visit UK then for tourism purposes then opt for a British tourist VISA. In this article, we are covering everything you need to know if you want to apply for a British Tourist Visa.

First Check if you need a British Visa:

People from certain nationalities need to apply for a Standard UK Visitor Visa before they travel to the UK while people from some nationalities can enter and stay in the UK for up to 6 months without needing any kind of visa. The visitors still need to meet the eligibility requirements defined for standard visitors and should apply for a Standard Visitor Visa if they have a criminal record or have been denied entry to the UK in the past.

Standard Visitor (Tourism) Visa | Cost | Length of Stay:

The standard visitor visa allows you to stay in the UK for up to six months. You can apply for this visa if you are from a visa-eligible country and want to visit the UK for tourism, academics, or business purposes (provided that the intended activity doesn’t exceed six months). The application cost for this Standard Visitor VISA for the UK is 100 GBP.

The standard visitor visa for medical reasons and academics allows you to stay in the UK for 11 and 12 months respectively. The cost of applying for this type of standard visa for the purpose of medical or academic; is 200 GBP.

UK Standard Visitor Visa | Eligibility Requirements for Applicants:

Applicants should have a passport that will be valid for the entirety of their stay in the UK. They should also:

  • Be able to prove that they will leave the UK once the visa is expired.
  • Have finances to support their stay in the UK or have a sponsor who will fund their stay.
  • Be able to pay for their travel to and from the UK.
  • Not make the UK their main country of residence by visiting it very frequently.

If you are applying for medical reasons or academics, you will be asked to submit some documents proving your intention.

How to Apply for a British Visitor VISA?:

You cannot apply more than 3 months before your intended travel date. Once you have understood whether or not you need a visa to travel to the UK and have selected the right visa type, you can submit the visa application online via this link.

The UK visitor VISA application form asks for personal information like your name, surname, country of residence, phone number, marital status, passport number, the reason for visiting the UK, etc. Once you have filled out the application form, you need to submit a list of documents and schedule a time and date for your visa interview.

You will receive an email confirmation for your appointment. Take a printout of that email and bring it with you at the time of the interview. Make sure to know where your nearest visa application center is and schedule the appointment based on your availability as sometimes the visa application centers are in another city or country.

At the interview, you will be asked some questions regarding your profile. You will also need to submit your biometric information i.e. a photograph and fingerprints.

Documents Required to Apply for UK Visitor VISA:

The following documents are required to be submitted with the visa application form.

  • Two recent photographs
  • A passport, which is valid for three months after your stay in the UK.
  • Proof of finances in the form of bank statements.
  • Proof of accommodation in the UK. You do not need to fully pay for a hotel or guest house beforehand to prove it. You can provide a rental agreement or proof of hotel booking where you have just paid the advance amount.
  • Your full travel itinerary like the places you are going to visit, festivals you are going to attend, etc.
  • Tuberculosis test results for people of certain nationalities.
  • Invitation letter from your host in the UK (if applicable)
  • Receipt of paid visa application fee.
  • Acceptable translations of any document that is not in Welsh or English.

Can you work in the UK with a Tourist/Standard Visitor Visa?

You cannot take up paid employment with a British company while you are in the UK on a standard visitor visa. You can take up voluntary work with registered charities or join business activities like meeting a client or visiting a business site.

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