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British Tourist Visa 2023 Applications Process Explained


British Tourist Visa 2023 – Great Britain is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, sophisticated culture, educational institutions, and architectural marvels. Every year, people from all over the world visit the United Kingdom for sightseeing, studying, or work purposes. While citizens of some countries do not need a visa in order to visit the UK, most individuals still need one for stepping into the United Kingdom.

Which Visa Do you Need as a Tourist in the UK:

There are three types of short-term visas in the UK.

  • Standard Visitor Visa with a duration of stay of up to 6 months
  • Standard Visitor Visa for medical reasons with a duration of stay of up to 11 months
  • Standard Visitor visa for academics with a duration of stay of up to 12 months.

If you wish to visit the UK for tourism or leisure, you should be applying for the Standard Visitor Visa which is valid for six months. This article covers everything that you need to know about the application process for a British tourist visa.


Eligibility to Apply for British Tourist Visa:

All the applicants for the British tourist visa or the Standard Visitor Visa must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must possess a valid travel document i.e. a passport which should be valid for the entirety of their stay in the UK.
  • Applicants must be able to prove their intention of leaving the UK once their visa period is over.
  • Applicants must prove that they are financially capable of supporting themselves and their families for the time that they are in the UK.
  • Applicants should have evidence of their potential travel activity in the UK whether they are visiting for business or pleasure.

Fees of the UK Visa Application

The Standard Visitor Visa fee is 100 GBP for six months of stay in the UK. The cost of a Standard Visitor Visa for medical and academic purposes is 200 GBP. You can apply for the visa anytime between three months and 48 hours before your intended travel date.


British Tourist Visa | Application Process in 2023:

First, you need to fill out an online application. In the application, you need to fill out details like the tentative dates of your travel, where you intend to stay, the total cost of the trip, your annual income, and the names and dates of birth of your parents.

Depending upon your profile, you may be asked about your travel history, the contact details of your employer, your partner’s details, and the names, passport details, and addresses of any family member you have in the UK.


Once you have filled out the online application, you will need to book an appointment with your local visa application center for the visa interview. Make sure that you are giving yourself enough time to make the appointment as the visa application center might be in another city or country depending on where you live.

You can submit the visa application online here

Documents Required for British Tourist Visa:


At the visa interview, you will be submitting all the documents/information proving your eligibility to apply for a British Standard Visitor Visa. This includes:

  • Financial statements
  • Passport
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Details of your travel plan in the UK like the places you want to visit, festivals or meetings you want to attend, etc.
  • Biometric information i.e. your fingerprints and photographs taken at the visa application center.
  • Letter of invitation from a friend or relative if you intend to stay with them in the UK. Your sponsor or host must be a legal resident or citizen of the UK.
  • Receipt of the paid visa fee.
  • Translations of any of the above documents that are not in English or Welsh.

Citizens of certain countries are also required to submit the test results for Tuberculosis. If you are visiting the UK for academic or medical purposes you may be asked to provide additional relevant documents. The interviewer might ask you some questions regarding your application. Make sure that all the information you are providing is consistent with the documents you are submitting. Your visa application will be rejected if any irregularities are found.


Is it Legal to Work on a British Tourist VISA?

If you hold a British Tourist VISA then you stand ineligible to do any paid or unpaid work in the entire UK. You cannot work for a British company for the time you are in the UK on the Standard Visitor Visa/tourist visa. If you wish to work in the UK, you may apply for a work visa. You can, however, take up volunteer work with a registered British charity under your Standard Visitor Visa.

Start your British Tourist VISA application here.

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