Chang Gung University (CGU) Scholarship 2024 to Study in Taiwan

The Chang Gung University Scholarship 2024 in Taiwan offers a fully-funded opportunity for international students to pursue Master’s and Doctoral degrees, covering tuition fees, a monthly living allowance, and potential research assistantships. This Taiwanese scholarship not only provides financial support but also opens doors to world-class education and research opportunities in diverse fields.

Rankings of Chang Gung University in 2023

Chang Gung University (CGU), established in 1987 in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, has carved a niche for itself in global academia. In the 2023 rankings, CGU stood at #1018 globally in the Best Global Universities ranking, scoring in the top 50% across 77 research topics.

Additionally, CGU was ranked highly in the QS World Universities Rankings 2023, placing in the top 5 among 151 universities in Taiwan and with that CGU stands at #3 position in Taiwan 2023 CWTS Leiden Ranking.

Chang Gung University Scholarship 2024 Overview

CGU’s Scholarship for 2024 is a fully-funded opportunity, catering to international students seeking Master’s and Doctoral degree programs. This CGU scholarship, available for the Fall Semester of 2024, covers a wide array of academic fields and majors, reflecting the university’s diverse academic offerings.

Available Courses and Subjects on CGU Scholarship Program

CGU’s expansive curriculum includes various departments and schools, especially under its College of Management. Prospective students can choose from fields such as Industrial and Business Management, Industrial Design, Information Management, Health Care Management, and Business. Specialized programs like Information Security with Medical Applications, Internet of Things (IoT) with Industrial Creative Applications, and Innovation for Smart Medicine are also available. A detailed list of subjects, and research areas offered at CGU under this scholarship is available at the end of this article.

CGU Scholarship Benefits

The benefits for Master’s and Ph.D. students under this scholarship are substantial. For Master’s students, it includes university tuition fee waivers, a living allowance of TWD 8,000 per month, and potential research assistantships. Ph.D. candidates receive tuition fee waivers, a higher living allowance of TWD 12,000 per month, a monthly stipend of NT$29,000 (approx. US$966), along with assistantship opportunities for research work.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, applicants must be international students from countries other than Taiwan, in good physical and mental health. They should not be recipients of other scholarships concurrently. Those with an undergraduate degree can apply for Master’s programs, while those with a Master’s degree are eligible for Ph.D. programs.

CGU Scholarship Application Process and Required Documents

The application process involves submitting an online CGU application form in accordance with CGU notice along with the highest degree diploma verified with official stamps, transcripts, two recommendation letters, a passport, a study plan, and an English Proficiency Certificate. Ph.D. applicants must also submit an academic thesis or relevant publications. Notably, CGU does not require an acceptance letter, IELTS, GRE, or TOEFL for this CGU scholarship application.

Required Documents for CGU Scholarship Application:

  • Personal details and a 2-inch x 2-inch photo (electronic upload), with an option to save and edit before final submission.
  • A photocopy of the first two pages of your passport, or a nationality certificate. If you have an ARC or other legal residency documents, provide a photocopy of both sides.
  • A photocopy of your highest academic degree certificate (in English or Chinese).
  • A photocopy of your highest degree’s transcript/mark sheet, detailing grades/scores for all terms (in English or Chinese).
  • Two letters of recommendation, as per individual department requirements.
  • Bank statements or remittance records from the applicant or immediate relatives (grandparents, parents, siblings), demonstrating financial capability for at least six months of living expenses. Include documentation proving the familial relationship.
  • Details of any scholarships received, specifying duration and amount.
  • Language proficiency evidence: For postgraduate admissions, provide TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, or GMAT results; for undergraduate admissions, TOCFL or HSK scores.
  • Additional merits such as awards, notable achievements, thesis work, etc.
  • Proof of remittance or online payment for the application fee, which must be paid by the deadline and is non-refundable. And make sure to upload the remittance slip/payment receipt in your CGU admission application form..

CGU Scholarship 2024 Application Deadline

The deadline to apply for the Chang Gung University Scholarships for the 2024 Fall semester for regular admissions is February 23, 2024, whereas for extended admissions is May 26, 2024.

Full List of Courses Offered by CGU on Taiwan Scholarship 2024

Here is a list of courses and subjects offered by Chang Gung University (CGU) as detailed in their “2024-2025 Admission Guidelines for International Students”:

  1. School of Physical Therapy: Offers a complete educational program from Bachelor of Science to Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Therapy, including an international PhD/DPT dual-degree program​​.
  2. Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Science School of Physical Therapy: Offers a Master’s program​​.
  3. School of Nursing: Focuses on research in gerontology and oncology nursing, with applications of emerging technologies like AI and VR​​.
  4. Graduate Institute of Early Intervention: Specializes in pediatric rehabilitation, innovative early intervention, precision medicine, assistive technology, and more​​.
  5. Department of Occupational Therapy: Offers innovative course designs and various international exchange opportunities​​.
  6. Department of Biomedical Engineering: Focuses on intelligent tutoring, clinical practice, and industrial innovation for medical device training​​.
  7. Department of Electrical Engineering: Focuses on electrical/information specialized disciplines with a strong research component, including work-study programs​​.
  8. Department of Electronic Engineering: Specializes in silicon III-V semiconductors, wireless communications, medical electronics, and electro-optics​​.
  9. Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering: Covers areas like computer science, computer hardware design, computer networks, mobile communications, data science, artificial intelligence, and biomedical information engineering​​.
  10. Department of Mechanical Engineering: Focuses on medical engineering, robotics, fluid mechanics and energy, materials and manufacturing, and solid mechanics​​.
  11. Master Program in Nano-Electronic Engineering and Design (NEED): A dual master’s degree program in partnership with the Singapore University of Design and Technology​​.
  12. Department of Health Care Management: Offers an undergraduate program in health care management​​.
  13. Department of Industrial & Business Management: Focuses on operations management, business analytics, and innovation/entrepreneurial practice​​.
  14. Department of Digital Financial Technology: Provides integrated courses on information technology finance and quantitative methods​​.
  15. Department of Industrial Design: Aims to cultivate design professionals with cross-disciplinary innovation and a global vision​​.
  16. Department of Information Management: Focuses on information system development, data analytics in business and healthcare, information security management, IT project management, and banking IS development​​.
  17. School of Business (MBA): Offers a program suitable for professionals from diverse fields including literature, law, business, science, engineering, medicine, or agriculture​​.
  18. Graduate Institute of Management: Offers a cross-disciplinary program with fields like industrial and business management, digital fin-tech, information management, innovation design, and healthcare management​​.
  19. Department of Artificial Intelligence: Part of the College of Intelligent Computing, devoted to artificial intelligence technology​​.

These courses demonstrate CGU’s commitment to offering a diverse and comprehensive range of academic programs.

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