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Documents Checklist for Work VISA Application Submission

Once you receive a job appointment letter from a foreign country then you take your next step forward towards submitting an application for Work VISA but this actually sounds like a big hassle to find out which of the documents are needed to apply for Work VISA application submission.

List of Documents Needed to Apply for Work VISA:

In case you are short of any documents then your work VISA application might not even get accepted and you will end up wasting your time and this is why i created this guide to help you out with the list of documents you will start preparing for submitting your next work VISA application for any country.

1- Passport With Validity over six months

As you will be moving out of your country to start a new job in another country so in that process the most important document that will be needed is a passport on which you will get to travel so therefore i advise you to make sure you got your passport ready with no mistakes on its information page. Because at the time of Work VISA application you will also be required to submit this passport on VISA counter where immigration officer will cross check your details on your passport and will verify if that passport have got enough validity period on it.

2- VISA Application form Photos

This is important so please pay attention on finding out from embassy of the country where you are moving to start a new job that their VISA application form requires you to paste your photo on it or not. In case that work visa form require a photograph to be pasted then you further need to find out which size would be required for that photo to be and which background color is needed on that photo.

3- Job Offer Letter (Appointment/employment letter)

Now this is i guess most mandatory document required to apply for any Work VISA for any country because if this document of; an employment letter, or an appointment letter, or a job offer letter; will be justifying your purpose of visit to a specific country.

Here you need to focus on this fact that if you are being employed by any governmnt department of that country then they will probably issue an employment letter with work visa invitation letter that will be submitted to embassy but if your employer is a private organization, company, or industry then maybe some additional employment related documents will also be needed and for that i request you to check information related to their work visa requirement on immigration office web pages of the country you got a job offer from.

4- Completly filled Work VISA Application Form

You might have an idea of it that there is basically a special work VISA application form designed by most countries which needs to be filled in by you if you want to move to their country to start a new job and for that reason you need to check which work VISA application form is suitable for the type of employment you got in their country because there maybe separate work visa application forms for different employment types.

5- Proof of your return to country after finishing job

If you are going to start a temporary job for a specific duration in any country then you may be applying for a temporary work VISA so in this case you might also be asked by immigration office of that country to submit an affidavit stating that you will return to your country upon your work contract expires and in this document you might be required to enlist all your family relatives information and your personal biodata information so the immigration office then will take it as a guarantee of your return.

6- Work VISA application processing fees receipt

This is another important document of submission for the purpose of requesting work VISA stamped on your passport and to do so you will be submitting your visa application to immigration counter of some country but with that you may also be required to pay work visa application processing fee and upon paying that you will be issued a payment receipt which then needs to be attached to your set of work visa documents at the time of submission.

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