Edinburgh Global Undergrad Mathematics Scholarships 2024

The Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarships 2024 are designed to support international students of exceptional academic merit pursuing a full-time undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh. Offering £5,000 each, these scholarships provide a significant contribution towards living costs for the duration of the study, contingent on satisfactory academic progress.

In the heart of Scotland’s capital, the University of Edinburgh stands as a beacon of knowledge, attracting students from around the globe. For those with a passion for numbers, patterns, and the sheer beauty of mathematics, the Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarships 2024 presents an unparalleled opportunity. This prestigious award seeks to support international students demonstrating exceptional academic prowess and a deep commitment to the study of mathematics.

Mathematics Scholarship 2024

The University of Edinburgh is delighted to offer several scholarships to international applicants who showcase the highest levels of academic achievement. Each scholarship, valued at £5,000, serves as a contribution towards living costs, helping students to focus on their studies without financial strain. These math scholarship awards are not merely one-off payments; they are a commitment, tenable for the duration of the recipient’s undergraduate program, subject to satisfactory academic progress.

Eligibility: Who Can Apply?

The scholarships are designated for applicants with International fee status, accepted for full-time admission to an undergraduate degree program within the School of Mathematics. It’s important to note that the scholarship is exclusive to new students directly entering the program and is not available to those already enrolled or those studying Mathematics as part of a degree program hosted by another School within the University.

Applying: Your Pathway to Success

Eligible candidates are encouraged to embark on the University of Edinburg Mathematics scholarship application process online. The deadline is sharp at 23:59 GMT on 28th March 2024, making timeliness and precision key components of your application strategy.

You can submit your scholarship application online at MyEd portal.

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