Emirates Hiring 5000 Cabin Crew Staff Globally – Apply ASAP

Emirates Airlines, the renowned Dubai-based carrier, has announced an ambitious recruitment drive for 2024. This initiative aims to bolster their cabin crew team by a remarkable 25%, adding 5,000 new members to their already impressive workforce. Here’s a detailed look at what this exciting opportunity entails.

Global Scope of Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment Project 2024

Emirates is casting a wide net, planning open days and assessments in over 460 cities across six continents.
Target Candidates: The Emirates airline is particularly interested in:

    • Recent graduates with internships or part-time job experience.
    • Individuals with around a year’s experience in hospitality or customer service.
    • Candidates with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Preferably, those fluent in English and another language.

Emirates’ ambitious recruitment drive aligns perfectly with its fleet expansion plans. The airline is gearing up to welcome new aircraft, with the A350s arriving in mid-2024 and the Boeing 777-Xs following in 2025. They have an impressive order of 65 A350s and a mix of 205 777-9s and 777-8s. This growth is complemented by a focus on injecting new energy into their team, primarily targeting recent graduates and newcomers to the workforce. By doing so, Emirates is looking to enhance its crew with fresh talent and diverse perspectives, ready to take to the skies with its expanding fleet.

Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits Announced by Emirates

Salary Package:

    • Basic Salary: AED 4,650 per month.
    • Flying Pay: AED 63.75 per hour (based on an average of 80-100 flying hours per month).
    • Average Total Pay: Approximately AED 10,388 per month (equivalent to around USD 2,828, EUR 2,519, or GBP 2,165 for Grade II Economy Class).
    • Additional Perks: Meal allowances and night stop credits, along with provided hotel accommodations and airport transport.

Additional Benefits:

    • Concessional Travel: Extensive staff travel benefits on Emirates and other airlines.
    • Accommodation: Free of charge furnished accommodations, shared with colleagues, with individual bedrooms.
    • Transport: Company-provided transportation for work and training.
    • Uniform: Provided free, including dry cleaning in Dubai.
    • Leave: 30 days per year, with one free annual leave ticket to your country of origin.
    • Medical and Insurance: Comprehensive coverage, including life and personal accident insurance.

Eligibility and Application Process

To be part of the Emirates cabin crew, you need to be:

    • A team player with a shining personality.
    • Fluent in English; additional languages are a bonus.
    • Able to meet UAE employment visa requirements.
    • At least 160cm tall with a reach of 212cm.
    • A high school graduate with at least one year of relevant experience.
    • Free of visible tattoos in uniform.

How and Where to Apply for 5000 Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs?

  • Application: Interested candidates must apply online at Emirates Group Careers.
  • Selection: Invitations to recruitment events are extended to selected applicants.

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