GBIF Graduate Researchers Award 2024 for €5,000 prizes

Hey, graduate students! Are you passionate about biodiversity informatics and love working with GBIF data? The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) has an amazing opportunity just for you—the 2024 Graduate Researchers Award is offering multiple €5,000 prizes. So lets get into its detail now:

Who Can Apply for GBIF 2024?

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be affiliated with a university graduate programme.
  • Be a citizen of a GBIF participant country or a student at an institution in a GBIF participant country.

You’ll need a nomination from the GBIF delegation or node manager of your country of citizenship or your host institution.

How to Apply?

Prepare Your Application Packet: Your nomination packet should include:

    • Research Summary: A 200-word summary of your research.
    • Project Description: A detailed description (max 5 pages) covering how your research advances biodiversity informatics or conservation and the role of GBIF data.
    • Curriculum Vitae: Your CV with full contact info.
    • Supporting Documents: A letter from your mentor/supervisor verifying your student status and 1-3 letters of support from established researchers.

Submit Your Application: Send your complete packet to your Head of Delegation or node manager by your national deadline as per this call letter

Selection Process: The GBIF Science Committee will review all nominations based on originality, innovation, use of GBIF data, and impact on biodiversity informatics and conservation. Winners will be announced before the GBIF Governing Board meeting in Portugal in October 2024.

Application Deadline

Mark these dates on your calendar! The deadline for nominations to reach the GBIF Secretariat is 24 June 2024.

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