Global Korea Scholarships (GKS) 2024 to Study for Free in Korea

In an exciting announcement for 2024, the Korean government has unveiled its ambition to welcome 2,200 international students through the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS-G) program, aimed at graduate degrees. This initiative not only opens doors for aspiring scholars from around the world to further their studies in Korea but also fosters international educational exchange and deepens the bonds of friendship between Korea and the global community.

2 Ways to Apply for GKS 2024 Scholarship

Understanding the application process is crucial for prospective applicants. The GKS-G offers two distinct pathways for application: the Embassy Track and the University Track. Applicants must choose one route based on their circumstances and preferences.

  • Embassy Track: Applicants submit their documents to the Korean Embassy in their country of citizenship. This track allows candidates to apply to up to three universities.
  • University Track: Direct applications to designated universities are the norm here, with candidates limited to applying to just one institution.

For specifics regarding deadlines, document requirements, and submission guidelines, contacting the respective embassies or universities directly is advised, as they conduct the initial round of selections.

GKS 2024 Scholarship Benefits Galore

The GKS-G doesn’t just cover tuition; it’s a comprehensive package designed to ensure a smooth academic journey in Korea:

  • Airfare: Round-trip economy class ticket.
  • Tuition Fees: Coverage up to 5 million KRW by NIIED and additional amounts by the university.
  • Living Allowance: Monthly stipends to cover living expenses.
  • Korean Language Training: Full coverage to ensure scholars are well-prepared linguistically for their studies.

Eligibility Criteria for GKS-G

The GKS-G is inclusive yet selective, with criteria designed to ensure applicants are well-suited for the academic rigors ahead:

  • Nationality: Open to non-Korean citizens whose parents are also non-Korean citizens.
  • Age Limit: Applicants must be under 40 years old, with exceptions for academic professors under 45.
  • Academic Requirements: Depending on the program applied for, candidates must hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree, with specific provisions for research and post-doctoral research applicants.

How to Apply?

Embarking on your GKS-G application journey requires careful planning. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose Your Track: Decide between the GKS 2024 Embassy and University tracks based on your situation and preference.
  2. Gather Your Documents: From academic transcripts to personal statements, ensure you have all the necessary documentation.
  3. Contact the Embassy or University: Direct inquiries regarding deadlines and document specifics to your chosen institution or embassy.
  4. Submit Your Application: Complete your application according to the guidelines provided by the embassy or university.

Universities and Fields of Study Under GKS 2024

The GKS-G covers a wide array of fields and includes participation from 73 prestigious Korean universities, categorized into Type A (33 institutions) and Type B (40 institutions). However, applicants are encouraged to consult the official GKS Notice for detailed information on eligible universities and departments.

Application Deadline for GKS 2024 Program

The deadline for the Global Korea Scholarship for Graduate Degrees (GKS-G) / 2024 is Thursday, March 7, 2024.

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