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Hey students! I’m back with yet another exciting article that will help you to fill up your pockets with money if you start working online on part time basis together with your studies. This is a fact that most students are short of funds when it we talk about studying internationally at countries like Canada, US, or Europe; so why not start working online by utilizing your skills like writing, doing excel sheets, web/app development, and much more.

So if your aim is to earn money online by working on student-specific part time jobs then this article is going to be very fruitful for you therefore let me guide you on that now step by step.

Are Students Allowed to Work Online by Universities?

This is a very common question that comes in when we talk about online jobs for students and the common answer to all the questions circling around this question is; YES! students are allowed to work online by their universities for specific hours per week and in some universities students may seek permission from University to start a job.

Skills Required for Online Jobs for Students in 2023

You need not to worry about this if you are good with excel sheets, Microsoft word, PowerPoint/Prezi, WordPress, content writing, proofreading, web/app development, coding, influencing/marketing via social media, and similar sorts of skills. In this article, i am going to tell you the ways you adopt to put any of these skills in action to find and complete micro jobs online to fetch dollars from this online earning industry as a student.

How to Apply for Online Jobs as a Student in 2023?

This is an extremely important part of my article, because, as an HR manager or employer, all those jobs/project applications are rejected instantly which are not created specifically for that job. The biggest mistake job applicants commit is that they create one resume and post it to all employers without any changes and that practice helps HR/employers simply throw those resumes in dustbins (Source).

Now you might be wondering how rude is this behavior is but to be very honest with you the job applicants are at fault here because job applicants need to design their CVs as per job requirements and they need to put in such details in those job resumes that the HR/employers would find that applicant as the best fit for that specific job role. If HR finds such skills/experience they were looking for then the next thing they would opt for would be your qualifications and biodata details so henceforth i emphasize this to take your time out to read job details, understand them, customize your resume accordingly and then send it with a proper covering letter.

List of Online Jobs for Students in 2023

I advise all my students to please apply for only those online jobs in which their skills are up to the mark and do not apply for every other online job. Your approach as an online freelancer would be to help employers/HR to solve their problems while getting compensated for solving their problems rather than just to make money.

If you are now interested to find out which online jobs would be available in online job market then my recommendation is to become a blog writer, season/film script writer, ghost writer, web developer, software tester, app developer, proof reader/editor, presentation developer, Microsoft excel/word expert, online tutor, virtual assistant, online marketing specialist, animator, and amazon business manager.

Now i know you want to know where to find these online jobs so i would recommend you to create a convincing profile with good portfolio items on any of these (peopleperhour, fiverr, upwork, 99designs, freelancer, guru) online jobs websites and start applying for their latest online job opportunities in 2023.

Zahira Bano

(Associate Editor) Zahira holds a PhD in Cosmetics Surgery and Pharma. She worked with Mashables and some other beauty and wellness blogs. She is also a well-known personality and educationist and has a large number of social following. She also writes on the female empowerment motivational topics in her leisure time. She is also a scholarship winner and mentor for students looking for studying abroad opportunities.

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