How to Find Driving Jobs in Kuwait in 2024 With Work VISA?

Kuwait, a country known for its economic prosperity and vibrant expatriate community, offers numerous opportunities for individuals seeking driving jobs. In 2024, the process of finding a driving job and obtaining a relevant work visa in Kuwait involves several key steps and considerations.

Job Opportunities for Drivers in Kuwait

Kuwait’s thriving economy and its reliance on a foreign workforce mean there are various driving job opportunities ranging from commercial transport to personal chauffeur roles. The demand is particularly high in sectors such as transportation, logistics, tourism, and personal driving services for families and businesses.

Types of Driving Jobs Available in Kuwait in 2024

The following types of drivers with valid driving licenses are required in various sectors of Kuwait in 2024:

  1. Commercial Truck Driver: Transporting goods and materials across the country.
  2. Bus Driver: Working for public or private transportation companies.
  3. Chauffeur: Providing personal driving services for individuals or corporate clients.
  4. Taxi Driver: Either through taxi companies or as a freelance driver.
  5. Delivery Driver: Working with courier or food delivery services.

Acceptable Driving Licenses in Kuwait for Driving Jobs

Kuwait recognizes several international driving licenses. However, for a long-term driving job, you will need to convert your existing license to a Kuwaiti driving license. The most widely accepted licenses include those from the US, UK, Canada, EU countries, and other GCC nations. Whereas, in Kuwait, driving licenses are categorized based on vehicle type and weight, which align with different driving professions:

  • Commercial Truck Driver: Requires a Category C license for heavy trucks (over 12 tons) and a Category D for medium trucks (2.5 to 12 tons).
  • Bus Driver: Needs a Category E license for buses with more than 16 passengers and a Category D for buses carrying 9-16 passengers.
  • Chauffeur and Taxi Driver: Both professions typically use a Category B license, suitable for light vehicles like cars, SUVs, and small vans.
  • Delivery Driver: The required license depends on the vehicle used; Category B for small vehicles or Category D for medium-sized delivery trucks.

Availability of Driving Jobs in Kuwait for Foreign Drivers

Foreign drivers are in high demand in Kuwait, especially those who possess professional driving skills and experience. The country’s reliance on expatriate labor makes it a viable location for foreign drivers seeking employment.

Where to find driving jobs in Kuwait as a foreigner?

To find driving jobs in Kuwait or to become a taxi driver as a foreigner, consider these steps:

  • Job Boards: Use platforms like Bayt, Edarabia, and LinkedIn. Join groups relevant to driving in Kuwait and browse or post your job availability.
  • Local Classifieds: Check websites like dubizzle Kuwait for various driving job listings.
  • Recruitment Agencies: Engage with agencies focusing on transportation, logistics, or general recruitment. Some include Action Recruitment, Kiwi Dab (Pvt) Ltd, and ManpowerGroup.
  • Direct Contact: Reach out to logistics or transportation companies in Kuwait to inquire about job opportunities

Easy Steps to Apply for Driving Jobs in Kuwait in 2024

  1. Job Search: Utilize above mentioned job portals, recruitment agencies, or Kuwait’s local newspapers.
  2. Application: Submit your application along with your CV, driving license, and any other required documents.
  3. Interview: Be prepared for phone or video interviews, or in some cases, in-person interviews.
  4. Employment Offer: Once selected, you will receive an employment offer outlining your role and salary.

What are the top recruitment agencies in Kuwait?

When looking for the top recruitment agencies in Kuwait, it’s important to consider your specific career needs. Here’s a brief list highlighting some of the key agencies:

  • Consolidated Consultants (CCC): Offers services across various sectors with a strong presence in Kuwait.
  • AJEETS Management and Manpower Consultancy: Specializes in connecting international professionals with opportunities in Kuwait.
  • Airswift: Ideal for project-based or contract work in diverse industries.
  • ManpowerGroup: Well-established, catering to a broad spectrum of industries and job types.
  • Talent Inc.: Focuses on mid-to-senior level placements in various companies.

Specialized Agencies:

    • Archer Recruitment: For IT staffing.
    • Ward Personnel: Construction and engineering jobs.
    • Access Healthcare: Healthcare field.
    • Action Recruitment: Hospitality industry.
    • The People Group: Sales and marketing roles

Can foreigners become taxi drivers in Kuwait?

As of now, becoming a taxi driver in Kuwait for foreigners is quite challenging due to certain restrictions. The Kuwaiti regulations typically prioritize citizens for taxi driver positions and obtaining a taxi driver license as a foreigner usually requires exceptional circumstances and strong sponsorships. Additionally, finding taxi companies that are willing to employ foreign drivers is difficult, as there is a preference for local drivers.

For foreigners interested in driving jobs in Kuwait, other options to consider include working as a private driver for individuals or families, becoming a delivery driver for various companies, or potentially joining ride-sharing platforms, although these are not officially recognized as taxi services

Work Visa Process for International Drivers in Kuwait

International drivers are typically issued a standard work visa (Article 18 visa) for private sector employees. The steps are:

  1. Visa Application: Initiated by your Kuwaiti employer who will obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour.
  2. Labor Clearance: Obtained from the Public Authority for Manpower in Kuwait.
  3. Visa Endorsement: After receiving the work permit, apply for a visa at the nearest Kuwaiti embassy.
  4. Medical Tests and Insurance: Required before arriving in Kuwait.
  5. Residency Visa: Upon arrival, convert your entry visa to a residency visa.

Finding a driving job in Kuwait in 2024 involves a comprehensive understanding of the types of jobs available, the acceptance of international driving licenses, and navigating the visa process. With the right preparation and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, securing a driving position in Kuwait can be a rewarding opportunity for both local and foreign drivers. Remember to stay updated with the latest regulations and requirements, as these can change periodically.

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