HSE University Scholarships 2024 by Russian Government

HSE University’s scholarships for 2024 offer a range of financial support options, covering full or partial tuition for both undergraduate and graduate programs. These scholarships are open to international students, including those applying for their first degree or seeking a Master’s program, and are awarded based on academic excellence, research experience, or participation in HSE’s competitions.

HSE University Undergraduate Scholarships 2024

Eligibility: International students applying for their first degree can explore various scholarship options that HSE offers. Excelling academically or participating in HSE’s International Olympiad could be your ticket to securing financial aid.

Benefits: Scholarships range from partial to full tuition waivers. Some packages even extend to cover living expenses and accommodation, ensuring that students can focus on their studies without financial worry.

Application Deadlines: Mark your calendar for May 10, 2024, as the final date to apply for undergraduate programs. Ensure you’ve completed all qualifying events by May 16, 2024.

HSE University Graduate Scholarships 2024

Eligibility: Aimed at international students with an undergraduate degree, these scholarships cater to those pursuing Master’s programs at HSE. Depending on the scholarship, you might need to showcase research experience or specific academic qualifications.

Benefits: Graduate scholarships also include full or partial tuition waivers, with certain scholarships offering monthly stipends for additional financial support.

Application Deadlines: The deadline for graduate program applications is April 30, 2024.

How to Apply for HSE University Scholarship in 2024?

You can first of all check if your undergrad or postgrad course and preferred degree is being offered by HSE University. And then start your online application for HSE admission and scholarship here.

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