IELTS One Skill Retake by British Council 2023 (Update)

International students whose native language is not English are required to take IELTS academic exam if they wish to apply for admission or scholarship abroad in order to provide evidence of their English language proficiency skill and this is where British Council and IDP were offering IELTS academic test but at very high cost with four modules of reading, speaking, writing, and reading.

As you might already know that the cost of taking an IELTS academic ranges between US$215 – US$310 which depends on your nationality. So after you take this IELTS exam, in case you are not happy with your band scores then previously you had to rebook the whole IELTS test again by paying full IELTS exam fees but now this mechanism has been changed by British council because now they allow test takes to rebook any single module (Writing, reading, listening, and speaking) to improve their band score in each of these modules independently.

British Council is in Process of Rolling Out One Skill Retake Program in all Countries until 2024

Currently as you read my article this IELTS one skill retake program launched by British council is rolled out in Canada, Philipines, Singapore, Pakistan, Rawanda, Myanmar, Ethiopia, India, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Hongkong, Uganda, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand, and Kenya. Whereas British council is already working at their best to roll out this one skill retake test program to all other countries where they are operating and by the first week of 2024 this program will be live globally.

Eligibility Required to Book IELTS ONE Skill Retake

You can stand eligible for IELTS one skill retake only if you take your IELTS exam by British council. You need to first pay full fee for taking a full fledge IELTS test comprising of 4 modules (reading, writing, speaking, & listening) and then in case you are not happy with your IELTS results then later on within 60 days of taking your full IELTS exam you will be able to rebook your one skill retake program to improve your IELTS exam score in any of its single skill modules.

Additionally, you will be able to rebook one skill retake program only if you have taken full IELTS test via computer and have received your IELTS test band score card.

Where to book your one skill retake IELTS exam?

If you want to book one skill retake program of IELTS then i believe you already appeared in full IELTS exam during last 60 days and now you need to consult to British council website of your country to rebook single module band score imporvement program and then after adding details of your previously taken IELTS exam and indicating which module you wish to retake from reading/writing/listening/speaking; you’ll receive date for your single module IELTS test date.

What is the fees of IELTS One Skill Retake?

Whereas now you might think how much money you will be required to spend on taking single module IELTS test for score improvement so for that i must tell you that its fee differs depending upon your country but thats for sure it is going to be much less to that of taking a full IELTS exam.

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