INJE University GKS Scholarship 2024 in South Korea

The INJE University GKS Scholarship 2024, funded by the Korean Government and INJE University, offers international students a comprehensive support package covering tuition, living expenses, and academic advancement opportunities.

INJE University of Korea is offering this GKS 2024 scholarship for disciplines such as Medicine, Engineering, Social Sciences, and Humanities, this scholarship aims to cultivate global leaders in partnership with the National Institute For International Education (NIIED). From research grants to health insurance, the scholarship ensures a well-rounded educational experience in South Korea’s vibrant academic landscape.

Sponsorship Promised by INJE University for GKS 2024

  • Tuition Waivers: 100% coverage, including admission fees, by the National Institute For International Education (NIIED) and INJE University.
  • Monthly Allowances: A generous living allowance, settlement allowance upon arrival, and health insurance.
  • Academic Support: Research allowances, dissertation printing cost reimbursement, and grants for Korean proficiency for high achievers.
  • Career Advancement: Support for academic conference registration, field training, and publication incentives.

Academic Departments and Programs Under INJE-GKS 2024

INJE University is renowned for its wide array of programs under this GKS scholarship that spread across 10 colleges and 6 graduate schools, encompassing fields from Medicine and Engineering to Social Sciences and Humanities. The INJE university is particularly noted for its cutting-edge research in Nanoscience, Digital Health Care, and more, backed by prestigious grants and support programs.

Admission Process and Requirements

International students are welcome to start filling in their GKS scholarship application form at INJE website before the following mentioned application deadlines:

  • First Round (University Track): Applications and screenings from February 15 to April 12, 2024, with interviews slated for late April.
  • Third Round (Embassy Track): Screenings are expected to occur from late May to early June 2024.

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