International Space University Scholarships 2024 for Students

The International Space University (ISU), in a groundbreaking collaboration with ASPACE Satellite Technology Limited (ASPACE) and the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), is proud to introduce a new full tuition scholarship aimed at empowering students from underprivileged and underrepresented communities. This initiative marks a significant step towards increasing inclusivity and diversity within the space sector.

An Opportunity to Shine

Set to launch for the academic year 2025, the ASPACE Scholarship is designed to support one outstanding student attending ISU’s Master’s program in Space Studies. The scholarship covers the full tuition, offering a life-changing opportunity for students who might otherwise be unable to afford such advanced education.

ASPACE, a subsidiary of the USPACE Technology Group Limited with bases in Dubai and Hong Kong, is taking the lead in funding this scholarship. This move aligns with their broader mission of building one of the largest commercial satellite manufacturing centers in the world, aiming to cultivate a diverse pool of talented individuals who can contribute to the global space industry.

Collaboration for a Cause

The partnership between ISU, ASPACE, and SGAC doesn’t just end with funding. SGAC will actively promote this opportunity among its members and participate in the meticulous selection process. A joint committee from ISU, ASPACE, and SGAC will award the scholarship to a candidate from Africa who demonstrates both academic and professional excellence.

ISU President Nicolas Peter expressed his gratitude for the collaboration, stating, “This partnership with ASPACE and SGAC not only provides a crucial opportunity for talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds but also underlines the importance of nurturing talent for the continued advancement of the global space domain. We invite more organizations to join us in this endeavor.”

How to Apply?

Interested candidates need to be members of SGAC at the time of their application. Applicants should mention their desire to be considered for the ASPACE Scholarship in their application. Prospective students can apply through ISU’s official application portal.

For further details about the scholarship, eligibility criteria, and the application process, visit ISU’s official page at ISU Master Programs.

Application Deadline: The deadline for applications is April 30, 2024

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