Japan HSP Work VISA 2024 Application Process Step by Step

Japan, a country renowned for its technological advancements and rich cultural heritage, has become a coveted destination for professionals seeking to elevate their careers. The Highly Skilled Professional (HSP) Visa stands as a beacon for those aspiring to join the Japanese workforce, offering a myriad of benefits and opening doors to a wide array of job opportunities. This streamlined guide is designed to demystify the HSP Visa process, eligibility, and job search strategies for international talents.

Understanding the Japanese HSP Visa for Job Seekers

The HSP Visa is Japan’s strategy to attract global talents by offering them an opportunity to work and live in Japan under favorable conditions. This visa category is especially appealing due to its long duration of stay, permission for multiple professional activities, and the inclusion of family members.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify, candidates undergo a point-based evaluation, focusing on education, professional experience, salary, and age. A minimum of 70 points is required to be eligible. Points are allocated based on:

  • Academic Achievements: Higher educational qualifications, especially Ph.D., garner more points.
  • Professional Experience: Relevance and length of your work experience enhance your point tally.
  • Annual Salary: A higher salary offered by your Japanese employer increases your points.
  • Age: Youthful applicants tend to score a few extra points.

Job Categories:

The HSP Visa caters to various professional fields including:

  • Academic Research: For those engaged in cutting-edge research activities.
  • Specialized/Technical Work: Targets experts in fields like engineering and IT.
  • Business Management: Designed for individuals assuming leadership roles in Japanese firms.

Finding HSP Visa Jobs Under HSP VISA

To streamline your job search in Japan, especially for opportunities under the Highly Skilled Professional (HSP) visa, focus on these key resources:

Government Websites:

Staffing Agencies: Several recruitment agencies in Japan specialize in positions for international skilled workers. While they may not all specifically list HSP visa jobs, they’re valuable for connecting with potential employers:

These platforms can significantly aid in your search for HSP visa-eligible positions in Japan

Financial Considerations in Applying for Japanese HSP VISA in 2024

There is certain cost associated with other types of Japanese work visa but for this one you need to take care of following:

  • Minimum Salary: Ensure the job offer meets the minimum salary criteria for your professional category.
  • Application Fees: Prepare for the HSP visa application fee, typically around 3,000 to 6,000 yen.
  • Preparation Costs: Budget for any document translation, legal consultation, and relocation expenses.

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