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Jobs in Qatar 2023 With Qatari Residency Work Permit (Application Process)


You are going to find a new dimension of job possibilities in this article where you would be able to find high demand work opportunities in Qatar with complete application procedure to obtain Work VISA for Qatar and then converting it into work residency permit upon starting work in Qatar.

List of High Demand Jobs in Qatar in 2023

So first of all i am going to provide you with useful information about high demand job professions in Qatar and by that you will also get an idea of the skills shortage job opportunities in Qatar and i guess this will help you right away to apply for those targeted jobs for increased chances of your selection in 2023.

1- Baristas Jobs in Qatar – Salary QR 2k – 5k per month (Source)


You might not know this but this particular skill of Baristas is in super high demand in Qatar because there are thousands of restaurants, hotels, bars, and food spots in Qatar where Baristas are required to serve their customers with drinks as per international bar standards.

This is why i am recommending you to apply for Baristas jobs in Qatar because you can expect much higher salaries compared to any other country whereas you would be asked to provide high school certificate, diploma/course of Barista with relevant experience letter to apply for Barista jobs in Qatar and with that to your surprise let me tell you that if you get a job as Barista in Qatar then you will also be able to bring your family with you there.


2- Architect, Civil Engineer, and Construction Jobs in Qatar – High Salaries + High demand

As per my research on Qatar’s construction industry i found some surprising yet exciting facts which i am sure after knowing you will be setting up your CV to be a part of Qatari construction industry because Qatar government spilled over US$300 billion in development of their infrastructure (Source, whereas over $6.5 billion bill paid for construction of world class football stadiums for hosting fifa worldcup (Source that further means hundreds of thousands of job positions were created in construction industry of Qatar.


So, i see scope for you to find a high paying construction industry job in Qatar because they actually spend allot on their infrastructure projects and this is why shortage of skilled workers create new job positions such as civil engineers, architects, iron workers, aluminum/glass workers, laborers, tile setters, drafters, riggers, carpenters, cabinet makers and all other construction related jobs.

3- Healthcare Industry Jobs in Qatar – Job Security + High Salaries

As by reading my research on high demand jobs in Qatar you are also getting familiar with advancements, living standards, and working environment of Qatar and in this section you will get to know that Qatari healthcare sector is basically ranked 4th best globally (Source


But if you are wondering how is this possible then you need to understand that the citizens of Qatar are provided with national healthcare insurance policy whereas foreigners are allowed to enter Qatar only if they have valid health insurance plan which means every person in Qatar have a health coverage plan which further means to run ecosystem smoothly Qatar needs a large and well skilled healthcare workers such as nurses, surgeons, doctors, and other medical staff but the problem is that their hospitals are unable to find all of their highly qualified and experienced healthcare staff from Qatar which is why Qatari government allowed them to recruit international health care staff on much higher salaries.

So i do not have any reason on why would you not be working in a healthcare sector which is globally ranked at number 4 where salary would be much higher and you will have a complete job security and with that you can even bring in your family members to live with you in Qatar.


Understanding Work VISA and Residencey Work Permit for Qatar

So now if you manage to get a job in Qatar then the application process to obtain a Qatari Work VISA is simple because your employer hiring you would be applying for it directly and therefore you will be asked to provide all your documents to your employer so they can process your Qatari work VISA (source Hukoomi).

But upon landing in Qatar using Qatari Work VISA you will later be demanded by your employer to convert your Work VISA into Qatari resdency work permit that will then permit you to stay in Qatar for long time for work purposes and would also help you in sponsorsing your immediate family members to come to Qatar to live with you.


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