La Trobe University Mid-Year Scholarships 2024

La Trobe University has announced the opening of applications window for its 2024 mid-year scholarships and bursaries. These financial aids are designed to support coursework students from diverse backgrounds, helping them achieve their academic goals without financial strain.

The university’s scholarships are valued at up to $5,000 per year, while bursaries typically provide a one-off amount of $1,000. This initiative underscores La Trobe’s commitment to fostering an inclusive educational environment.

Broad Range of Eligibility Criteria

The mid-year scholarships and bursaries are available for a wide range of students, including:

  • Indigenous Students
  • Students Who Have Experienced Time in Care
  • Students Living with Disabilities
  • Students Facing Financial Disadvantage and Difficult Circumstances
  • Students Enrolled in STEM Courses
  • Students at Regional Campuses
  • Students from Refugee or Asylum Seeker Backgrounds

To streamline the process, applicants need to submit only one application. The university’s team will then match successful applicants with the scholarship or bursary that best fits their eligibility and circumstances.

Application Submission Method

To enhance the chances of a successful application, students are advised to attach relevant supporting documentation with application form here:

Encouragement to Apply: La Trobe University encourages all eligible students to apply, even if they are uncertain about their eligibility. The university aims to ensure that no student misses out on the financial support available to them.

Application Deadline

The applications window for La Trobe University Mid-Year scholarship will close on Sunday, June 30, at 11.59 pm therefore, students are urged to start their applications as soon as possible to take advantage of this opportunity.

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