Marriott University Programs 2024 With Salary Benefits – Application Process

Marriott University Programs are specialized educational and training opportunities offered by Marriott International, designed for international students and recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry.

These hospitality industry programs include internships, leadership development, and direct placement opportunities, focusing on various operational and corporate functions within Marriot hotel management. Participants can benefit from hands-on experience, industry-leading training, and development in key areas such as event management, food & beverage operations, and corporate functions, setting a strong foundation for a successful career in hospitality.

Marriott University Program Offerings in 2024

Marriott offers a range of programs each targeting different aspects of hotel management and operations:

  1. Hotel Internship Program: Ideal for students, this program offers a rotational experience across different hotel departments, providing a comprehensive overview of the hotel’s operations.
  2. Voyage Leadership Development Program: This accelerated program is tailored for recent graduates eager to embark on a career in hotel management, featuring rotations across various disciplines within the field.
  3. HQ Fellowship/Internship Program: For those interested in corporate roles, Marriott provides opportunities at its headquarters in areas like finance, marketing, and technology.
  4. Direct Placement Opportunities: These allow for direct entry into specific hotel roles with accompanying training and development.

Focus Areas

Participants in these programs can expect to gain expertise in numerous areas including:

  • Rooms Operations: Skills in front desk operations, guest services, and housekeeping.
  • Food & Beverage Management: Insights into restaurant management, culinary arts, and event catering.
  • Event Management: Experience in planning and executing large-scale events.
  • Corporate Functions: Knowledge in finance, marketing, technology, and more, particularly through the HQ internships.

Additional Learning Opportunities

Marriott also emphasizes the development of soft skills and professional competencies such as leadership, customer service excellence, business acumen, problem-solving, and cross-cultural communication, crucial for a successful career in hospitality.


Internship opportunities are abundant within the Marriott University Internships, available in various areas and often provided year-round, with a focus on practical experience in real-world hotel settings.

Eligibility and Application

International students are welcome to apply for Marriot University Programs, though they must ensure they meet visa requirements and have work authorization in the program’s country. Specific eligibility criteria can vary, typically requiring recent graduation, fluency in English, and a demonstrable passion for hospitality.

You may also consider submitting your application for the latest open positions at Marriot Hotels internationally.

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