Monash University Humanitarian Scholarships 2024 (2 Batches)


Monash University is committed to fostering diversity and providing opportunities for those who have faced significant challenges. The Monash Humanitarian Scholarship is designed to support humanitarian visa holders and those whose academic pursuits have been hindered by various adversities. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the eligibility, benefits, and application process for this impactful scholarship program.

Key Scholarship Details

  • Application Deadlines: 31 May and 31 October 2024.
  • Scholarship Value: $35,013 per annum (2024 rate).
  • Number Offered: Varies annually depending on funding and applicant pool.

Scholarship Target Group

The Monash Humanitarian Scholarship is aimed specifically at individuals on humanitarian visas and others whose educational journey has been disrupted by a range of equity-related challenges. This includes those affected by disabilities, long-term medical conditions, living in remote areas, difficult personal circumstances, or being a recent refugee.

Equity Categories

  • Disability or Long-term Medical Condition: Impairments that have affected past educational achievements.
  • Regional and Remote Areas: Extended living in remote locations that have impacted previous studies.
  • Difficult Personal Circumstances: Including carer responsibilities, major illnesses within the family, homelessness, natural disasters, and more.
  • Recent Refugee: Specifically for holders of the Global Special Humanitarian Visa (sub-class 202) whose studies have been disrupted.

Benefits Offered

Monash University supports Humanitarian Scholars by offering:

  • A generous living allowance (stipend).
  • A relocation allowance for those moving to Victoria from another state or overseas.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Monash Humanitarian Scholarship, applicants must:

  • Hold an Australian humanitarian visa.
  • Meet Monash University’s competitive scholarship selection process requirements.
  • Fulfill Monash’s English language proficiency standards.
  • Have experienced significant educational disruption due to the aforementioned equity grounds.

This scholarship is also available to students involved in Joint Research Awards where Monash University is the home institution.

Application Process

Applications for the Monash Humanitarian Scholarship are integrated with the graduate research course application:

  1. Apply Through the Applicant Portal: Whether you are a new or current student, use the Monash Applicant Portal to apply for both your course and the scholarship.
  2. Specify Scholarship Details: Indicate your application for the Monash Humanitarian Scholarship and include the required supplementary form.
  3. Obtain an Invitation: New applicants need an invitation from the relevant faculty before submitting their application.

Application Deadlines

  • Domestic (Round 2): Closes 31 May, 2024
  • Domestic (Round 4): Closes 31 October, 2024

Selection Criteria

Selection for the Monash Humanitarian Scholarship is highly competitive. It is based on academic records, research outputs, and prior research experience. Successful candidates will be notified and must adhere to the standard terms and conditions of Monash’s RTP Scholarship Procedures, with specific exceptions noted in the eligibility criteria.


The Monash Humanitarian Scholarship offers a lifeline for students from challenging backgrounds, empowering them through education and research opportunities. By alleviating financial pressures and providing substantial support, Monash University continues to champion inclusivity and academic excellence on a global scale. If you meet the eligibility criteria and are seeking an opportunity to advance your academic career in a supportive environment, this scholarship could be the perfect fit for you


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