Nanjing University of Science & Technology CSC Scholarship 2024

The Nanjing University of Science & Technology’s High-level Postgraduate CSC scholarship Program 20254, sponsored by the Chinese Government Scholarship, is calling for 2024 applicants! This opportunity is more than a scholarship; it’s a doorway to a world-class education in a university renowned for its core disciplines, including several ranked in the top 1% globally by ESI.

The NJUST CSC scholarship is highly regarded and sought after funding, much like other prominent Chinese scholarship programs such as the Confucius Scholarship, Schwarzman Scholarship, Jiangsu Presidential Scholarship, and the ANSO Scholarship.

NJUST High-Level Postgrad CSC Scholarship 2024 Overview:

  • Enrolment Status: New students
  • Levels of Study: Master & PhD
  • Study Area: All study areas listed in the Nanjing University of Science & Technology Course List (POSTGRADUATE)
  • Funding Type: Full Scholarship covering NJUST tuition fee, living allowance, lodging, and health insurance in China
  • Important Dates: Closing date – 15 March 2024
  • NJUST Agency Number: 10288

Funds Offered by NJUST CSC Scholarship 2024

For students considering the Nanjing University of Science & Technology (NJUST) CSC Scholarship, here are the key benefits:

The NJUST CSC Scholarship is a comprehensive, fully-funded program designed to support all major expenses of its recipients. This includes tuition fees, accommodation costs, living expenses, and healthcare insurance. The scholarship stipend amount varies according to the degree level:

  • Master’s Degree Candidates: These students receive a monthly stipend of 3,000 RMB, along with a tuition fee waiver and complimentary room and board.
  • Doctoral Candidates: They are provided with a monthly stipend of 3,500 RMB to cover living expenses, and like other levels, they benefit from a tuition fee waiver and free on-campus accommodation.

Core Disciplines Offered by NJUST on CSC Scholarships

  • ESI TOP 1‰: Engineering, Materials Science
  • ESI TOP 1%: Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental and Ecological Science, Physics, Mathematics, General Social Sciences, Biology and Biochemistry, Earth Science

Check Your Age first:

International students must clear the following age limit criteria to apply for NJUST CSC Scholarship 2024:

Age Limits:

    • For Masters: Bachelor’s degree, under 35 years.
    • For PhD: Research master’s degree, under 40 years.

Step-by-Step Application Guide for NJUST – CSC Scholarship:

Here’s a student-friendly guide on how to apply for the Nanjing University of Science & Technology (NJUST) CSC Scholarship 2024 batch starting in 2024 September:

  1. Visit NJUST’s Website to select course: Select relevant course for admission offered by NJUST
  2. Acceptance Letter: Try to obtain an acceptance letter from a professor of the NJUST faculty list (Optional), and if any professor is willing to supervise your studies at NJUST then use this consent letter format.
  3. Fill Out Two Applications: You’ll need to complete two separate applications:
  4. Complete the Application Forms: Fill in all the necessary details in both the admission and scholarship forms. For the CSC NJUST scholarship, select ‘Category B‘ for CSC scholarships and choose NJUST, including its agency number 10288.
  5. Download and Print CSC Application: After submitting the CSC application online, download its copy and head to the step 6 where you will start submitting your admission application with required documents.
  6. Submit NJUST Admission Form: Now submit the NJUST application form and download a PDF version of it.
  7. Pay Application Fee: Deposit US$80 or CNY 500 as application processing fees
  8. Mail Your Documents (If Asked): Attach all documents with the downloaded application form and send them to the NJUST foreign student office.
  9. Wait for Results: Keep an eye on the NJUST website for CSC scholarship results.

Remember, this process involves filling out two applications and keeping track of various documents, so stay organized and double-check everything before submission. Best of luck!

List of Documents Required for NJUST CSC Scholarship Application:

International students would need a passport, academic transcript, highest degree certificate, language qualification documents, references, CV, research proposal, consent letter, study plan, physical examination form, non-criminal record report, and application fee remittance receipt.

NJUST NMG Scholarship Application Deadline Reminder:

Be sure to submit your application for the 2024-2025 Chinese Government Scholarship at Nanjing University of Science and Technology by March 15, 2024.

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