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New Zealand Government Jobs 2023 for Skilled Workers With VISA

New Zealand Skill Shortage Jobs 2023 With Work VISA

All my job seeker readers must take this article seriously because New Zealand is now offering thousands of skill shortage jobs to international workers with 80+ NZ VISA types which means there are very thick chances of you to get settled in New Zealand by starting a high paying job in 2023.

Why You Should Consider Working in New Zealand?

I am very happy to inform you about the benefits of working in New Zealand because i never saw such a long list of worker benefits and i will start with voluntary savings program called Kiwisaver for every employee aged between 18-65 years through which every NZ employee gets retirement funds. With that workers in New Zealand are also protected with Accident Compensation Corporation insurance program, provided with career development & employee assistance programs, sponsored courses and high salaries with residential quarters.

Do you need a VISA to work in New Zealand?

I knew it that most of you would be asking if you need a work visa to start a job in New Zealand so now i have got a great news for you and that is New zealand offers over 80+ different VISAs to foreigners to allow them to work in New Zealand and New Zealand is also among those countries where you can find skills shortage jobs directly from their government’s jobs page and apply for them directly without the involvement of any third party agent.

If you are wondering how you can prepare to apply for a NZ work VISA then there must be so many questions to it because you need to see which type of NZ work visa you need, can you bring in your dependent relatives/spouse/kids with you to NZ, which documents/qualifications you need for NZ work VISA and how much English language proficiency is needed for NZ work VISA so for that you can read details on New Zealand immigration office visa application preparatory guide.

I must also tell you that New Zealand allows international students to find jobs in New Zealand on study VISA but they are limited to work only for 20 hours per week and can add up their work experience points for skilled migrant VISA category.

Where You Can find jobs in New Zealand that hire Foreigners?

To be honest finding a job in New Zealand is very simple because there are so many job options available for foreigners in New Zealand as NZ government motivates and facilitates NZ companies to hire highly skilled employees from all over the world and this is why i am suggesting you to tap on New Zealand job market to find a high paying work opportunity there.

You may find it surprising but there is a portal created for helping international skilled workers to find jobs in New Zealand through NZ immigration department job search page from where you can find jobs in New Zealand as a foreigner in 9 different ways which are;

  1. Jobs search via sector specific job sites
  2. Skilled migrant job portals
  3. General worker jobs pagesĀ 
  4. Authorized recruitment company jobs
  5. New Kiwis recruitment for skilled workers
  6. Professional occupational jobs registration
  7. Inquiring employees directly for open job positions
  8. Emailing/calling companies HR for exploring their job openings
  9. Meet NZ employees directly for employment

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