Ningxia Medical University Scholarships 2024 for Freshman Students

Ningxia Medical University offers admissions in 2024 batch on its scholarships including the Fresh Student Scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC), Ningxia Government Scholarship, and university-specific scholarships. These are available to new students, particularly those enrolling in the MBBS and Pharmacy programs, offering up to 15,000 RMB based on entrance exam performance. This article provides a detailed guide on the available scholarships at Ningxia Medical University, highlighting the eligibility, benefits, and application process to help prospective students fund their medical education.

Ningxia Medical University (NXMU), located in the vibrant region of Ningxia, offers a unique opportunity for students worldwide to pursue an MBBS degree in English without the need for HSK-4 certification in the first year. With a legacy since 2005, the university is recognized by major global medical councils including WHO, PMC/PMDC, ECFMG, NMC, BMDC, and facilitates preparation for USMLE and PLAB exams. The tuition fee for MBBS is reasonably priced at 22,000 RMB/year, making it one of the most affordable options for studying medicine.

Available Scholarships at NXMU in 2024

NXMU offers a range of scholarships to encourage and support outstanding new students:

  • Ningxia Medical University Fresh Student Scholarship: This scholarship targets excellent freshmen enrolling in the MBBS program, distributing 15,000 RMB to students based on their performance in the entrance examination.
  • Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC): Available for international students, focusing on those who apply with the agency number 10752.
  • Ningxia Government Scholarship: Aimed at both local and international students to promote higher education in the region.
  • Ningxia Medical University Scholarship: Specifically for students of NXMU, fostering academic excellence among its attendees.

Each year, the top 30% of students in the MBBS and Pharmacy programs receive 15,000 RMB based on their entrance examination results. In total, approximately 60 students have the chance to earn this freshmen scholarship.

How to Apply for NXMU Scholarships?

Interested students should fill out the application form on the Ningxia Medical University Scholarships for 2024 intake now. Once submitted, the university’s admissions office will reach out to prospective students.

Additional Perks at Ningxia Medical University:

  • Clinical Medicine: Among the lowest tuition fees for Clinical Medicine MBBS program.
  • Affiliated Hospitals: Students gain practical experience in five affiliated hospitals and twelve teaching hospitals.
  • Living Costs: The average cost for food ranges between 1,000 to 1,200 RMB per month. Dormitories provide free electricity and public kitchens on each floor, offering substantial savings for students who choose to cook.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for Ningxia Medical University is the 30th of July 2024. The university starts accepting applications from the 10th of January every year for both the Spring and Fall intakes.

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