Seasonal Horticulture and Poultry Skill Shortage Jobs in UK for 2024

Are you ready to embark on a seasonal adventure in the UK? If you have a green thumb or a knack for working with poultry, there’s a golden opportunity awaiting you in the UK’s horticulture and poultry sectors. With labor shortages and peak seasonal demands, the UK is in dire need of seasonal workers.

So, let’s dive into the details of these exciting skill shortage poultry and horticulture seasonal work visa opportunities in UK:

Why the UK Needs You?

The UK is grappling with significant labor shortages in both the horticulture and poultry sectors. Factors such as the physically demanding nature of the work, low wages, and a general perception of agricultural work as unattractive contribute to this shortage. Here’s why your skills are needed:

    • Labor Shortages: The UK lacks enough domestic workers willing to fill these positions.
    • Seasonal Demand: Peak seasons in horticulture (spring and summer) and poultry (Christmas) heighten the need for workers.
    • Specific Skills: Your expertise in agricultural practices ensures quality and efficiency.
    • Economic Contribution: Seasonal workers are vital for the UK’s food production and stable supply of produce and poultry products.

Peak Seasons: When You’re Needed the Most in UK

Here’s a table detailing the peak seasons for the horticulture and poultry sectors skill shortage jobs in the UK when you are needed the most if you got expertise, skills or qualifications in these two sectors:

Sector Season Months Activities
Horticulture Spring March-May Planting and early harvesting of crops like asparagus, strawberries, and salad leaves.
Summer June-August Harvesting various fruits and vegetables, including berries, apples, pears, broccoli, and carrots.
Autumn September-November Harvesting late crops like pumpkins and apples, and prepping for winter.
Poultry Peak Season October-December Peak season for turkey production, especially before Christmas.

Job Duties and Skills Required for Horticulture and Poultry Jobs in UK

Following are the basic job duties and skills requirement for seasonal horticulture and poultry sectors jobs in the UK:

Horticulture Job Duties and Skills Requirement:

Job Duties:

    • Planting and transplanting: Preparing soil, sowing seeds, planting seedlings, and transplanting young plants.
    • Pruning and trimming: Cutting and shaping plants to promote healthy growth and improve yields.
    • Weeding and hoeing: Removing unwanted plants and maintaining the soil around crops.
    • Harvesting: Picking fruits, vegetables, and flowers at the correct stage of maturity.
    • Grading and packing: Sorting produce by size and quality, and packing it for transport and sale.
    • Operating machinery: Using tractors, mowers, and other equipment for planting, harvesting, and maintenance tasks.

Qualifications and Skills:

    • Physical fitness and stamina: The work is physically demanding and requires the ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions.
    • Manual dexterity: Handling delicate plants and produce with care and precision.
    • Attention to detail: Identifying ripe produce, spotting pests or diseases, and following instructions carefully.
    • Teamwork: Working effectively with others to complete tasks efficiently.
    • Time management: Prioritizing tasks and meeting deadlines to ensure timely harvests.
    • Basic knowledge of plant care: Understanding basic principles of plant growth, pest control, and crop rotation is beneficial

Poultry Job Duties and Skills Requirement:

Job Duties:

    • Feeding and watering: Ensuring birds have access to fresh food and water at all times.
    • Cleaning and disinfecting: Maintaining hygiene standards in poultry houses to prevent the spread of disease.
    • Egg collection and grading: Collecting eggs, sorting them by size and quality, and packing them for sale.
    • Catching and loading birds: Handling birds humanely and loading them onto transport vehicles.
    • Vaccinating and medicating: Administering vaccines and medications to prevent disease and maintain bird health.
    • Slaughtering and processing: Humanely slaughtering birds and preparing them for sale.

Qualifications and Skills:

    • Physical fitness and stamina: The work involves lifting and carrying heavy objects and standing for long periods.
    • Animal handling skills: Handling birds with care and minimizing stress.
    • Attention to detail: Monitoring bird health and identifying signs of illness or injury.
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment: Completing tasks efficiently and meeting production targets.
    • Adherence to hygiene standards: Following strict hygiene protocols to prevent the spread of disease.

Average Salaries of Seasonal Horticulture/Poultry Sector Jobs in UK

Here’s an overview of the expected salaries for seasonal workers in the horticulture and poultry sectors in the UK for 2024:

Sector Job Role Minimum Hourly Wage Minimum Weekly Hours Annual Salary
Horticulture General Seasonal Workers £11.44 32
Poultry Food Operatives, Handlers £11.44 32
Poultry Butchers, Processors £15.88 32 £38,700

Seasonal Worker Visa for Horticulture and Poultry Workers in the UK

The British Seasonal Worker visa is available for individuals seeking employment in the horticulture and poultry sectors in the UK. This UK Seasonal worker visa is valid for up to 6 months, allowing multiple entries during this period and you can apply for it here

Where to Find Seasonal Poultry and Horticulture Jobs in UK?

The best way to find seasonal jobs in the horticulture and poultry sectors in the UK is through Approved Scheme Operators. These operators are licensed by the UK government to sponsor seasonal workers. You can find a list of these approved scheme operators and their current job vacancies on the government website here

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