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Skills Shortage Jobs in Iceland 2023 for International Job Seekers

You might want to know why you should consider to work in middle of North Island and to your surprise i have got some convincing reasons to give and out of those my favorite one is the scenic views that Iceland has to offer and to be honest i think if i can make handsome amount of living in Iceland then i would better be living in this Nordic Island because of dramatic scenery of glaciers, modern European culture, volcanoes, northern aurora lights, geysers, and availability of all basic human needs.

Infact nobody would mind working in Iceland if i tell you that this beautiful Iceland is actually the second largest island in Europe followed by Great Britain where you can actually get captured by some of the top European industries and the good thing about this Nordic island is that most of its population speaks English language so i think you will easily adjust there upon starting a job as a foreigner.

Lets Explore 3 High Demand Jobs in Iceland in 2023

But the problem is why Iceland government would allow their employers to hire international skilled workers so let me tell you that there are certain job occupations in iceland (especially in Reykjavík РCapital of Iceland) which are in high demand and due to this reason a shortage of certain skills is observed there and this is where you have to make your place by applying for these jobs for which Iceland companies are unable to find local talent.

Therefore, in this article i bring you those skills shortage job occupations which are in high demand in Iceland with requirements of academic qualification, experience level, certifications, and average salaries.

1- Jobs in Geothermal Power Sector in Iceland

I will start by explaining geothermal power sector jobs scope for you in Iceland but before that you must know Iceland is actually pioneer in producing their electricity from geothermal power generation means (Source) and to meet the needs of their geothermal power sector they face skilled worker shortages and this is where i advise you to apply for a job because if you are a geothermal power engineer/diploma/experience holder then you can actually find high paying job in Iceland in 2023. And now let me tell you if you start working in geothermal power sector of Iceland then you can actually expect to make around ISK 180k-600k per month in salary with allowances.

2- Fish Processing jobs in Iceland

Do you know Iceland is now second biggest fish producer country in entire Europe (Claimed by Gov of Iceland) and in some reports Iceland is also classified as a fish dependent country which is why Iceland became a modern hub of fishing industry where local and foreign skilled workers are captured by offering thick salary packages for smooth run of their fishing operations. One of the most common and most demanded job in Iceland is for fish processing skilled workers and there are hundreds of fish processing job options available in Iceland with average salaries of around ISK 50,00000 per year (source).

3- Aluminium Smelting jobs in Iceland

Now this sector of Iceland is very important because this is the second biggest industry in Iceland after fisheries so lets focus together on it because there are three big aluminum smelting companies operating in Iceland that are producing job vacancies of production engineers, smelter operators, cast house workers, smelter process engineers/operators, recyclers, and labors.

Now you might be wondering why these aluminum smelting companies are working in Iceland so reason is simple and that is the availability of cheaper electricity in Iceland by means of renewable geothermal and hydroelectric power generation which is why all three non-governmental aluminum smelters of Iceland are contributing in producing large number of jobs for which the local staff hiring is not enough and they are permitted by Iceland government to hire international job seekers to run their operations and now let me tell you the average salary in Iceland’s aluminum smelting industry which is approximately over 59,0000 per year (source).

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