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Skills Shortage Jobs in Netherlands 2023 With Work VISA for International Job Seekers

Lets Explore Jobs in Netherlands Sponsoring free Work VISA in 2023

You may be curious to know why am i sharing Netherlands jobs information with you today so that is because i see Netherlands as one of those European countries where skills shortage jobs are in very very high demand because a big portion of Netherland’s population is ageing and after this global pandemic companies are falling short to find rare skilled workers to work for them.

So, if you have acquired some of the most in demand skills with proper qualifications and work experience then please also consider to apply for skills shortage jobs in Netherlands and try to accept Netherlands as your new home because after some years you may become eligible to apply for Dutch citizenship.

Let’s Discuss Netherlands Job Possibilities in 2023

Now i am going to explain some of the jobs which are actually in super high demand in Netherlands and comes under the category of skills shortage job occupations for Netherlands:

1- Labor Market jobs in Netherlands

I think this section is heart of this article because you will get to understand how the labor market of Netherlands work in 2023 and in this regards i think i am happy to quote that there are over 300,000 new labor market jobs are produced each year in Netherlands (Source Statista). Meanwhile let me explain to you the names of some of the most common labor market jobs of Netherlands which are production workers, industrial technicians, hospitality workers, production planners, truck drivers, shelf stackers, warehouse workers, janitors/cleaners, and customer service workers (Source); so if you got any experience or qualification (Most of these jobs do not require educational degree) in these professionals then do not waste time and explore application procedures at Arbeidsmarktinformatie.

2- Nursing & Doctors Jobs

Now i am going to provide you some insights on healthcare sector jobs in Netherlands which are nowadays in high demand and you will be excited to know that the salaries are also pretty high in Dutch healthcare and the most in demand skill shortage job in healthcare sector is Nursing occupation with a salary offering of around €4000 – €8000 euros at some hospitals and if i recommend you where to apply the start by submitting your resume at BovenIJ ziekenhuis, Alrijne Hospital Leiden, or at Slingeland Hospital.

3- Jobs for Mid Level Educational Qualification Workers

Now lets talk about skill shortage job occupations in Netherlands which require mid level educational qualifications such as MBO-2/3/4, HAVO, diploma, or VWO. So if you have any of these qualifications in fields of carpentary, plumbing, electrical work, selling products, or painting then i am happy to tell you that all these occupations are also in high demand in Netherlands in 2023 with mid education level requirements.

4- Education Sector Jobs

You will be glad to know that the jobs in educational sector of Netherlands also have some gaps which they are finding very hard to fill in because for some educational job occupations the qualified workers are not readily available and i recommend you to apply for those education jobs in Netherlands which are for scholars, researchers, post doctoral fellowships, lecturers and research assistantships but for all these occupations you may need higher qualification and scientific publications and you can easily find these jobs opportunities at these Dutch universities; Leiden University, Vrije University Amsterdam (junior lecturer), Utrecht University, Wageningen University & Research, Erasmus University, NIOD – KNAW, and Wageningen University & Research.

5- Jobs for Engineers in Netherlands

All my engineering job seeker friends please get attentive because now it is your turn to hear about the skills shortage jobs in engineering sector of Netherlands where salaries are as high as €95k per annum (source glassdoor) and if i talk of which engineering jobs are in high demand in Netherlands then those are mechanical engineering, sotfware engineering, and chemical engineering and you can look for engineering jobs at TOPIC Software Development, Fluor Corporation Hoofddorp, and GE Renewable Energy Rijswijk.

6- Front Desk Receptionists Jobs

You may also find this receptionist jobs attractive in Netherlands because this also comes under the banner of skilled shortage profession which actually do not have high educational requirement but demand certain skills such as public dealing, bargain, and customer support and the salary of a receptionist in Netherlands is around €3800 (Source Glassdoor).

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