South Korean GIST Scholarships 2024 of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

Final Call for GIST Scholarships 2024 in South Korea

If you want to study at one of the highest ranked technology university abroad for free and also want to get paid for your studies then i have an opportunity waiting for your application so do not wait and submit your complete application documents for free at the admissions portal of GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology) for their GIST Scholarships 2024-2025 class of admissions.

Hopefully, classes will be starting from September 2023 and the final scholarship awardees will also be announced before June 2023 so they can then apply for their South Korean Study VISA in time and at this moment GIST is accepting online applications so they can review and interview all candidates for undergrad and postgrad subjects options.

Funds Approved for GIST Scholarships in Korea

I think if i tell you that 100% of your tuition fee (up to 3,415,000 WON) is actually waived off if you manage to win a fullyfunded GIST Scholarship then that would still not be enough but what if i say you will also get paid on monthly basis to study in Korea then i think you may get interested.

Now, if your next question is how much you will get paid on monthly basis to study for free in GIST Korea then that would actually be around 140,000 WON for bachelors degree students and around 295000 WON for postgrad international students as stipend money. I am also going to surprise you with another benefit of GIST scholarship which is an 100,000 WON monthly allowance for your meals and other expenditures and that too is available to both undergrad and postgrad students with complementary residence, health insurance, flight ticket and settlement allowances.

Story of benefits does not actually end here because i also cross checked that GIST Korean scholarships also comes with research funding for MS and Phd students which is around 5,461,249 WON for MS, and 12,513,688 for PhD students (Sponsored annually for research expenses).

Application Process of GIST Korea Scholarships 2024

As per my research application process is same for all international students to apply for GIST Korea scholarship and one of the major requirement is to have at least 3/4 GPA in order to stand eligible for GIST scholarship award.

So now lets talk about how you would be able to submit an application for scholarship at GIST Korea so for that the first thing you need to do is to check if your subject and degree level is offered at GIST and then check document and eligibility requirements for that particular subject/degree admission and start preparing your documents accordingly and when everything is ready then submit your online application for GIST scholarship here before April 14, 2023.

Can You Apply for GIST Scholarships Without IELTS?

South Korean scholarships available at GIST for the class of 2024 are actually accepted if international applicants can provide evidence of their English language proficiency and for that purpose IELTS is not the only test accepted which means if you got good grades in TEPS, TOEFL, or PTE then those tests might also be accepted for GIST scholarship.

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