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Taxi Drivers Jobs in Dubai 2023 to Earn 7350 Dirhams Per Month

How Much Money You Can Earn by Driving TAXI in DUBAI in 2023?

If you are physically fit, have proper vision, good reflexes, some education, and have driving experience with road ethics then you would actually stand eligible to drive a taxi in Dubai to earn a livelihood there.

How much Money you Can Earn by Driving Taxi in Dubai in 2023?

If you are curious how much money you will be making by driving a taxi in Dubai then that would depend upon number of hours you work per month but generally speaking your salary as a full time taxi driver in Dubai would range between AED 3200 – AED 7350 per month which is approximately AED 30/hour if you drive 8 hours a day for 30 days without any break (Ref erieri).

Can foreigners Work as Taxi Drivers in Dubai?

As per Dubai labour law international taxi drivers with required qualifications, work experience, and Dubai driving license are allowed to drive Taxi in Dubai individually, for a company, or for Dubai government and by doing so they can make anything between AED 3000-5000 per month.

So, if you are interested to move to Dubai for taxi driving employment then you would be required to apply for a Dubai Taxi Driver Permit for which you will be paying around AED 200 application fees at RTA Dubai (Ref RTA Dubai).

Check Your Eligibility to for Taxi Driving Employment in Dubai

As per my research and experience you can stand eligible to drive a taxi in Dubai until 60 years of your age after which you will have to appear for physical and eyesight examination to renew your Dubai driving license.

With that you will also be required to clear Dubai driving foundation test with passing marks, have UAE driving license (LTV), provide details of your sponsor, and also be required to provide your non criminal certificate in order to stand eligible for getting Dubai’s RTA permit to drive a taxi.

Taxi Driving Jobs Dubai 2023 AED 7350 Dirhams Salary - Multiple Openings
Taxi Driving Jobs Dubai 2023 AED 7350 Dirhams Salary – Multiple Openings

Do you need a UAE Driving License for Taxi Driving?

Yes you need a UAE driving license for driving to apply for taxi driving permit for Dubai so your process would be first to obtain your valid UAE driving license for LTV vehicle and then you will be required to apply for a taxi driving permit at RTA Dubai.

Please make sure to have all documents ready when you visit UAE driving license authority and those required documents would be your passport or ID, your photographs (2), NOC from your sponsor, eyesight & physical fitness certificate, application fees, and copy or UAE residence permit or visa (Ref

Application fees of UAE Driving License in 2023: 100-300 Dirhams

Now you might be wondering how much money you will need to apply for UAE driving license so for that you will actually be spending 100 dirhams if your age is under 21 years, whereas around 300 dirhams if your age is above 21 years, meanwhile you will also be charged additional 15 dirhams for delivery of your license (Ref

List of Taxi Driving Companies to Find Jobs in Dubai in 2023

There are literally thousands of taxi driver jobs available in Dubai and nearby cities advertised by federal government, Abu Dhabi government jobs portal, Arabia taxi, Nafis jobs, Careem, Kawader jobs, Uber, Dubai government jobs, and Dubai taxi.

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