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Uber/Taxi Driver Jobs Switzerland 2023 With Work VISA – Salary CHF 50188

How Much Money You Can Make as Uber Driver in Switzerland in 2023

Driving a taxi anywhere in European country actually means you will get to earn high dollar salary but for that there are certain pre-requisites such as having a valid driving license, and residence permit or work visa if you are a foreigner.

You will actually find this interesting that if you buy an electric car such as Tesla to drive it on uber eats or uber ride hailing app in Switzerland then you can actually get to earn much higher revenue as compared to driving a normal taxi and therefore in this article i bring you all of this information about if you can drive a taxi/uber in Switzerland, its requirements, and how much money you can actually make as taxi driver in Switzerland.

How much money you can earn as taxi driver in Switzerland?

Taxi drivers in Switzerland are actually earning decent amount of money and with that sometimes they also receive tips and as per recent report i verified that Swiss taxi drivers are making over CHF 45k annual salary if they drive taxi in Switzerland for 6 hours a day for 26 days a week (Ref erieri).

Taxi Driver Salary in Switzerland
Hourly Salary Monthly Salary Yearly Salary
CHF 24/hour CHF 3750 CHF 45000

How much money you can earn as Uber driver in Switzerland?

As per recent report published by swissinfo, uber drivers in Switzerland are actually being charged 25% uber commission fees on top of their overall earnings and after all deductions their monthly salary for 6 hours a day for 26 days a week is around CHF 4182 whereas annual income becomes CHF 50188.

Uber Driver Tax Salary in Switzerland
Hourly Salary Monthly Salary Yearly Salary
CHF 26.8/hour CHF 4182 CHF 50187

Can foreigners driver taxi/uber in Switzerland to earn money?

You can legally drive a taxi in Switzerland if you got your vehicle registration and have valid professional driving license of Switzerland then in this case you will be legally allowed to drive a taxi in Switzerland whereas you can also drive an uber in Switzerland (Ref Uber).

How to Obtain Switzerland Driving License?

Now this is very important because from this section you will find out how you can get your Swiss driving license however you may get surprised to know that if you hold an international driving license then you can actually drive in Switzerland for up to 12 months without Swiss driving license whereas if these 12 months are crossed then you will be bound to apply for Switzerland driving license for which you will also be required to appear in theoretical test (Ref expatica).

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