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UK VISA Application Process 2023 – Eligibility, Fees, VISA Types

UK is Calling You!


If you are not a citizen of EU Countries and want to travel to UK for studies, jobs, family visits, tourism, or business purposes then the first thing you need would be a valid British VISA issued on behalf of UK immigration office by UK embassies in your home country.

This is not so simple as it seems because there are 6 types of UK VISAS available to international travelers for visiting UK for different purposes that mean you need to select a UK VISA type as per your purpose of visit to UK. Currently in 2023, British immigration office is issuing business/short term visas, BNO Visas, education visas, work visas, transit visas, tourism visas, and family visas.

Eligibility Check for UK VISA in 2023

Now as you know which type of UK visa you would be opting for; the next thing you need to do is to find out if you stand eligible to apply for that UK VISA type or not and for that i am going to help you in this section where i elaborated basic and general eligibility standards for any British VISA.


To stand eligible for a UK VISA applicants must have to provide their character certificate, have some proof of their English language proficiency, must also have medical clearance certificate declaring VISA applicant free from deadly diseases, biometric verification, a passport with blank pages and atleast six months in expiry, and proof of accommodation arrangments with financial standing of candidate to live in UK.

If you selected UK work VISA then the first document you need is certificate of sponsorship from British employer so that you can attach it with rest of your documents at the time of VISA application at UK embassy/online. In case you applying for study VISA of UK then admission letter/scholarship letter needs to be provided, whereas, if someone is applying for a family/spouse visa then supporting document of family relationship needs to be submitted with other documents as explained above. And if you are wondering which document will be needed for UK business VISA then its applicants will be required to provide evidence document proving their visit to UK for business purposes might also be required in this case.


Is it Easy to Apply for UK VISA?

Application process for UK VISA is now online and very easy and i advise you to start looking for your original documents and create a scanned set of all so that you can upload those supporting documents in online application system of British VISA; if needed.

UK visa application submission is now online and is offered in various languages, therefore, your first step is to open online UK visa application page, then select your native language to start the application form and please be clear on your expected date of travel because this might be asked in application system.


I know most of you might want to know application fees of UK VISA but the answer to this question is not so straightforward because UK visa application submission fees depend on your nationality, type of UK visa selection, and duration of your stay in UK. Henceforth, British immigration office launched this page for you to select VISA application parameters to find out the exact application fees of UK visa application as per your requirement. So, now you will be required to pay this British VISA Application fee and upon its confirmation, your application will be given a ‘GWF’ number and in next step you would be required to book an appointment for interview followed by scanned documents upload in online application portal.

You see how stream line this UK visa application process is if you follow the steps correctly, so let me now take you to the final step and i guess you already know that you need to submit that online application for UK VISA to receive an email confirmation with application tracking number. Later on, you also need to appear for an interview at UK embassy for submission of your passport so it can get stamped with British VISA and once that is done; you will be informed by a call/email to collect your passport and then you will be legally allowed to travel to UK!


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