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WHO Summer Internships 2023 Online Applications Portal

Summer 2023 is near which is why i want my students to do something productive with their summer holidays and this is why i bring you a wonderful opportunity to participate in World Health Organization (WHO) summer internships program. If you get selected to join WHO summer interns program then you will also be receiving free accidentanl/health insurance coverage, stipend money/salary, food (lunch/breakfast/dinner) vouchers, travel expense sponsorship, and residence facility if out station project is given to you.

Duration of WHO Summer internships 2023

Usually, summer internships at WHO have a duration of 4-8 weeks but i am excited to tell you that some of WHO internship programs get extended from six weeks to 24 weeks time and sometimes WHO internees are also offered employment at the end of their internship duration based on their final internship report and performance.

Lets check if you are eligible to apply for WHO internships

You will be eligible for a summer interns program at WHO if your age is above 20 years at the time of submitting your internship application whereas you also need to be enrolled in any graduate, undergraduate, or postgrad degree program at a university in any of subjects like administration, management, public health, social, medical, technical work, or external matters. With that you also need to complete your 3 years of education in any of the above degree program which actually means you need to be in your final year or final semester in order to be eligible for any WHO summer internship program in 2023.

Please also take note of working language requirement at WHO and for that English is basic necessity which is why you may be asked to provide proof of your English language skills and if you are stationed somewhere remotely then you may also be asked to provide proficiency proof in native language of that region.

Lastly, you will stand eligible to participate in WHO internship if you belong from any WHO affiliated country and you have never participated in any of the WHO internship program before and you do not have any immediate relatives staffed at WHO.

How you can apply for WHO internships in 2023?

Before i start telling you application method for WHO internship programs please be aware of the fact that various WHO internship projects are announced throughout the year so there is basically no specific time when WHO announces their internship projects.

By saying that i also mean you need to keep checking WHO careers page to find out their latest internship projects for which they might be recruiting so from there you will be able to find out which WHO internship project is suitable for you based on your subject/field.

Now lets get familiar with application process of WHO global internship projects and for that you will start with creating a free online account on WHO online recruitment system (Stellis) where you will be able to add in your biodata details with all required academic documents proof, and language proficiency proof and finally you will submit your application and wait for their interview call.


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