Xiamen University Chinese Government Scholarship 2024

Are you an international student dreaming of studying in China for free in 2024? The Chinese Government Scholarship-University Program at Xiamen University could be your chance!

This article simplifies the 2024 Chinese Government Scholarship-University Program, a fantastic opportunity for international students to study for free at Xiamen University in China. It’s designed for academically outstanding students under specific age limits, offering various degree programs and covering expenses like tuition, housing, and a monthly allowance. Dive into our article to understand the scholarship’s benefits, eligibility criteria, available courses, application process, and more.

Benefits for Students

  • Pay Less: It covers your tuition and gives you a monthly living allowance (CNY 2,500 for undergrads, CNY 3,000 for Master’s students, and CNY 3,500 for Doctoral students).
  • Free Housing: Get free university dorms or money for accommodation.
  • Medical Insurance: They also cover your medical insurance (up to CNY 800 per year).

Who Can Apply for Xiamen University CSC Scholarship?

  • Bachelor’s Degree Applicants: Must be under 25 and have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Master’s Degree Applicants: Must be under 35 with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Doctoral Degree Applicants: Must be under 40 with a Master’s degree or equivalent.
  • Note: You can’t have another Chinese scholarship at the same time.

What Courses Can You Study?

Check out these courses. They come in both Chinese and English:

Duration of Scholarships offered at Xiamen University

  • Bachelor’s: 4-5 years
  • Master’s: 2-3 years
  • Doctoral: 4 years

Application Process

  1. Get Accepted: First, you need to be admitted to a program at Xiamen University.
  2. Apply Online: Fill out the scholarship application at China Scholarship Council and Xiamen University.
  3. For Postgraduates: Get a pre-acceptance letter from your future supervisor and upload it.

Application Deadline of Xiamen University

The application period for Xiamen University is from December 1, 2023, to February 15, 2024. Make sure to submit your application within this timeframe.

Result Announcement: Xiamen University international student office will review your academic record and language skills. Final results will be posted on the university website in August.

Contact Info Email: [email protected]

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