YOS Test 2024 for Turkey Undergrad Admissions (Understanding YOS Test)

Recently, several international students received notifications urging them to undertake the YOS Test that a part of the undergraduate admissions protocol for various universities in Turkey. This development might stir a mix of confusion and curiosity among students. However, it’s important to clarify that the YOS Test, while not universally mandatory for international students but it can significantly bolster one’s chances of securing an undergraduate scholarship in Turkey.

Do you need to take the YOS Test? – Simple answer is not mandatory if you are an international student.

In the forthcoming sections, this article aims to demystify the YOS Test, elucidating its essence, procedural dynamics, and the strategic advantage it offers in the academic journey within Turkey.

Türkiye Scholarships and YOS Test: What’s the Difference?

The Türkiye Scholarships program is a prestigious initiative by the Turkish government, aimed at offering financial support to international students for their undergraduate, graduate, and research studies in Turkey. Interested students must go through a separate application process, which is detailed on the official Türkiye Scholarships website.

The YOS Test, short for “Yabancı Öğrenci Sınavı” (Foreign Student Exam), emerges as a distinct requirement separate from the Türkiye Scholarships. While the scholarships predominantly offer financial support, the YOS Test functions as a crucial entrance examination tailored for international students eager to pursue undergraduate or associate degree programs in Turkish universities. It’s pertinent to underscore that this examination is not a prerequisite for those aiming to embark on Master’s or PhD studies.

The YOS Test Explained

The YOS Test aims to assess two main areas: Basic Learning Skills and Mathematics. It is designed to evaluate a candidate’s math abilities, general problem-solving skills (often seen as an IQ test component), and knowledge of mathematical concepts at a high school level (around 10th grade).

  • Mathematics (35 questions): This section includes algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and some calculus, depending on the university’s requirements.
  • General Ability and Logic (45 questions): Features logic puzzles, visual puzzles, and verbal analogies to test reasoning, analytical thinking skills, and the ability to identify relationships between shapes or words.

Pattern of the YOS Test in 2024

The structure of the YOS test is quite consistent across Turkish universities, though slight variations may occur depending on the institution. Typically, the test consists of:

  • Two main sections: Test of Basic Learning Skills (TBLS) and Mathematics, focusing on problem-solving, analytical thinking, and high school-level mathematical knowledge.
  • 80-100 total questions: TBLS usually comprises 40-45 questions and Mathematics makes up 35-40 questions.
  • Multiple-choice format: Across both sections, with questions designed to challenge the student’s reasoning and understanding of mathematical concepts.

YOS Test Fees

The fee for taking the YOS test can vary based on several factors, including the exam location and the specific exam center. Generally, the cost ranges from a minimum of around 150 Turkish Lira (TRY) in some countries to a maximum of up to 100 USD.

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