10 High Demand Work VISA Jobs in 2024 due to Skill Shortages (Globally)

In 2024, skilled job seekers with degrees have a plethora of opportunities globally due to widespread skill shortages in various industries. These shortages present a significant chance for professionals looking to work abroad, offering them not only employment but also pathways for immigration in many cases.

Here’s an overview of the 10 skill shortage jobs available globally and information on official immigration programs and companies offering these opportunities.

1# Information Technology (IT)

Countries like Japan, Germany, Denmark, and Singapore are in dire need of IT professionals due to rapid technological advancements. Opportunities range from software development to cybersecurity. For instance, Japan offers the Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) and Highly Skilled Professional (HSP) visas for IT professionals.

2# Healthcare

The aging populations in countries like Japan and Germany have created a demand for healthcare professionals, including nurses and doctors. Germany’s ‘opportunity card’, based on a points system, facilitates the immigration of skilled healthcare professionals.

3# Engineering

Countries like Germany and Denmark are seeking skilled engineers to fill gaps in various sectors, including civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Denmark’s Positive List for higher education highlights in-demand engineering roles.

4# Construction

With significant infrastructure projects underway, nations like Japan and New Zealand are looking for skilled construction workers. New Zealand’s Skilled Migrant Category visa is an option for those with in-demand construction skills.

5# Manufacturing

Skilled tradespeople are needed in manufacturing sectors across Japan, Germany, and the United States to address shortages in areas like automotive and machinery. The U.S. offers EB-3 Skilled Workers visas for such professions.

6# Agriculture

Countries like Chile and New Zealand have seasonal and full-time roles in agriculture, seeking expertise in modern farming techniques and sustainable practices. Chile offers the “Subject-to-Contract” Visa for agricultural workers.

7# Education

With an emphasis on international standards and languages, countries like the UAE and Singapore are looking for educators, especially in English and STEM subjects. The UAE offers Employment Visas for qualified teachers.

8# Digital Marketing

The global shift towards digital platforms has spiked demand for digital marketing professionals. Countries focusing on expanding their digital footprint, such as Australia and Canada, are welcoming skilled marketers. Australia’s Skilled Independent Visa is one pathway.

9# Cybersecurity

With increasing cyber threats, cybersecurity professionals are in high demand in the technology sectors of the U.S., Singapore, and Australia. Singapore’s Tech Pass visa caters specifically to experienced tech professionals, including cybersecurity experts.

10# Robotics

Nations leading in automation and robotics, such as Japan and Germany, require skilled professionals in designing and maintaining robotic systems. Japan’s Highly Skilled Professional (HSP) visa is designed for such talents.

Global Immigration Programs for Employment Opportunities in 2024:

Many countries have developed specific immigration programs to attract skilled foreign workers. For instance:

Companies actively recruiting foreign professionals in these areas often work closely with government immigration programs to ensure a smooth transition for skilled workers moving abroad. Korn Ferry, a global organizational consulting firm, regularly lists job opportunities in these sectors through their “Jobs with Our Clients” section, catering to a broad range of industries from consumer markets to technology and healthcare​.

For detailed information on immigration programs, it’s advisable to visit the official websites of the respective countries’ immigration departments. Additionally, platforms like LinkedIn and job boards specific to each country are excellent resources for finding companies offering jobs to foreigners in these skill shortage areas

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