New Zealand Staffing Agencies Recruiting International Job Seekers With Work Visa Sponsorship

New Zealand Recruitment/Staffing Agencies Announced Jobs for Foreigners in 2024 With Work Visa Sponsorship


As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the dream of working abroad is now a tangible reality for many. New Zealand, known for its picturesque landscapes and thriving economy, has become a hotspot for international job seekers. In 2024, this trend continues with several New Zealand recruitment agencies actively announcing job opportunities for foreign workers, complete with work visa sponsorship.

The Allure of New Zealand

Why New Zealand? It’s simple: a growing economy, competitive salaries, and a welcoming approach to skilled foreign workers. The country’s progressive immigration policies make it an attractive destination for professionals worldwide.

Role of Recruitment Agencies for Hiring International Workers for NZ

Navigating the job market in a new country can be daunting. This is where recruitment agencies come into play. They not only connect job seekers with employers but also contribute significantly to New Zealand’s economic growth. In 2024, with 82% of New Zealand businesses struggling to find skilled workers, these agencies have become more crucial than ever.


What Can You Expect from New Zealand Recruitment Agencies?

These agencies guide international applicants through the entire job-seeking process – from application to settling in at your new job in New Zealand. They offer invaluable assistance on immigration-related queries, especially concerning work visas.

How Much Do NZ Recruitment Agencies Charge?


In line with New Zealand’s Employment Rules, international candidates are not charged for job placement. All fees, including visa and relocation expenses, are typically borne by the employer.

Top 8 Recruitment Agencies Now Hiring for New Zealand in 2024

Following the those recruitment agencies that specialize in hiring skill-shortage workers for New Zealand:


1# Beyond Recruitment

    • Sectors: Customer Services, HR, Engineering, Construction, Technology, Accounting, Sales, Operations, etc.
    • Services: Comprehensive immigration support for work visas.

2# CC Recruitment (CCR)

    • Sectors: Agriculture, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation, Healthcare, Education, etc.
    • Services: A 7-step recruitment process including application, screening, interviewing, and settlement support.

3# JTLP Administration & Recruitment

    • Sectors: Dairy Farming, Horticulture, Hospitality, Industrial, Trades, Nursing, Engineering, Culinary, Finance, Office Support, etc.
    • Services: Work visa assistance and complete job application to settlement process.
    • Visit Their Website

4# Expert360: Focus on skilled professionals in various industries.
5# Recruit NZ: Offers a full range of recruitment services, including migrant recruitment.
6# Madison Morgan: Recruits across a wide range of roles in New Zealand.
7# Hayes: Specializes in IT, engineering, and finance.
8# Chandler MacIntyre: Focuses on Healthcare, engineering, and IT sectors.

How Can International Job Seekers Find Jobs With these Agencies?

General Process

    1. Register with the Agency: Create a profile, upload your resume and relevant documents.
    2. Browse Job Listings: Look for jobs matching your skills and experience.
    3. Application Support: Get help with resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation.
    4. Job Submissions: Agencies submit your application to potential employers.
    5. Interview Facilitation: Coordinate interviews and receive feedback.
    6. Job Offer & Visa Assistance: Guidance on negotiations and visa-related paperwork.
    7. Apply for New Zealand Work VISA: After accepting job offer you will receive instructions to apply for NZ work VISA..


For those looking to embark on a professional journey in New Zealand, these recruitment agencies offer a gateway to a wealth of opportunities. With their comprehensive support and expertise, the path to a fulfilling career in New Zealand is more accessible than ever in 2024. Remember to research and choose the agency that aligns best with your career aspirations and offers transparent and fair services. The future is bright for international job seekers in New Zealand

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