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$20,000 University of British Columbia Scholarships 2024 in Canada

UBC Public Scholars Award 2024 to Study for free in Canada

Hey if you were thinking of studying for free in Canada then this article is going to make your dream come true because University of British Columbia (UBC) is now offering $20,000 worth of UBC public award scholarships 2024-2025 whereas i think you must know that UBC is located in Vancouver city of Canada.

You might also be interested in knowing the sponsor name of UBC public award scholarship so i am glad to tell you that this UBC scholarship is sponsored under a project of Public Scholars initiative of UBC.

Full Funding Coverage Details of UBC Scholarships 2023

Now i am going to provide you super valueable details on what this scholarship will be sponsorship if you win it so without any further delay let me tell you that the full sponsorship value of UBC public award scholarship of Canada is $20,000 and this will be actually paid in two installments of $10,000 each and this is not the only thing because UBC scholarships will also provide funding for your research project allowance, stipend money, and residence facility.

Wondering if You Can Apply for UBC Scholarship of Canada?

Lets explore details on whether you stand eligible for UBC public award scholarship 2024 or not and i will start by telling you that if you are an international student, or Canadian nationality holder, or have PR of Canada then you actually pass the basic requirement of this UBC scholarship. With that you also need to make sure that you must join UBC on September 1, 2023 if they offer you this Canadian scholarship because their classes would actually begin on that date.

How to Apply for UBC Scholarships in Canada?

Please be informed that the application procedure for UBC Canadian scholarship is same for local and international students and if you want to be successful then i recommend you to first obtain acceptance letter from any faculty member of UBC because that will highly increase your chances of selection but in case if you fail to obtain that then you can still submit PSI-UBC scholarship application at UBC here.

And if you want to apply for UBC public scholar award scholarship then please find a suitable degree program and subject to check your eligibility criteria as per UBC requirement and then start your UBC admission application online.

Application Deadline for UBC Scholarship 2024

UBC public award scholarship is actually offered at Vancouver campus of UBC Canada which is why all students interested to apply for this Canadian scholarship must submit their application before May 12, 2023 because no applications will be accepted after this date.

One more thing students! In case you feel this UBC scholarship is not suitable for your subject or degree level then do not get sad because i have got something interesting for you because i got full list of UBC fully funded scholarships for the class of 2024 and i am sure that you can find your subject sponsorship in any of these UBC scholarship programs.

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