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Australian Government Jobs 2023 – Applications With CV Invited

The Australian Government Jobs offers a handsome salary package to their employees which is often more than the market. The minimum salary was reported for administrative assistants estimated at $61,000 per annum. The maximum salary was estimated at $394,000 per annum for surgeons.

List of Australian Government Jobs Available in 2023

Here is a list of the Australian Government Jobs for which you can submit an application with a resume:

1# Australian Government Jobs Career Pathways

There are various jobs available under the career pathway category. This is part of the Australian Government’s profound vision to help the younger generation transition from their education to their professional lives seamlessly while gaining adequate practical exposure. This will not only help them but also improve the public service of Australia.

There are various jobs available for trainees, apprentices, and school leavers. This category is suited to high school students and people seeking a career change. Jobs in different fields like Services Officer, Public Service Representative, etc., are available under this category. The university students can also gain access to cadetships and sponsorships that can help them gain practical experience so that they can apply their theoretical concepts.

2# Australian Universities Jobs

There are numerous job opportunities for people excelling in the field of academics at Australian public universities. These public universities not only offer a good salary to their employees but ensure an inclusive environment that means that you have great opportunities to move forward in your career. There are different job opportunities available at these universities.

Considering the different courses offered at these institutes, you can apply for teaching jobs according to your expertise. However, you must be qualified to be eligible for the teaching positions as the public universities give due importance to the recruitment procedure. These public universities also have other jobs in management, sanitation, accounts, library, research, coordinator, etc. Some of the top public universities are a dream to work in include:

3# Australian Forces Jobs

The Australian Police and Army are both highly competitive forces. These forces require competent individuals in different fields. Considering these forces operate at a national level, they have a consistent need for thorough professionals in various fields. This opens up numerous opportunities for you if you are looking to apply for Australian Forces Jobs. The main benefit of these Australian Forces Jobs is the facilities that accompany them coupled with a good salary.

You can find different job opportunities in the police department. The Australian Federal Police requires field officers, traffic wardens, controllers, interrogators, psychologists, lab experts, etc. This presents a good opportunity for you to apply in the field in which you excel. Similarly, the Australian Army has different job vacancies up for grabs. These include doctors, physicians, nurses, pilots, marine experts, scientists, etc.

4# Australian Government Healthcare Sector Jobs

Healthcare remains a huge field globally. With many people entering the healthcare field, the demand has also increased for skilled healthcare workers. However, as a healthcare worker, what you would be looking for is a handsome package, relaxed working conditions, good facilities, and a feasible working environment. And the Australian Government hospitals fit into your checklist in all these regards. With the Australian healthcare sector being well-established, it offers you a wonderful opportunity to fit into an excellent working environment.

There are different professions that you can fancy as a healthcare worker in Australia. The Australian Government hospitals recruit nurses, receptionists, doctors, physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, etc. Some of the top Australian Government hospitals include:

5# Australian Government Banking Jobs

The banking sector has grown rapidly in recent years. This is because more people have now recognized the importance and ease of banking meaning that consumers are at an all-time high. And this increase in demand means that the employees working in the banking sector are presented with different perks and benefits. This not only helps them grow financially but also skill-wise.

In such a situation, you must be rearing to get yourself a job in the banking sector with a good salary and all those benefits. Australia’s Government Banks have various opportunities up for grabs. These opportunities include positions of relationship managers, receptionists, bank tellers, loan processors, managers, investment bankers, etc. If you are adequately skilled to get yourself into an Australian Government bank, you can see your career grow leaps and bounds. Here are some of the top Australian banks:

6# Australian Government Rescue Operations/Department Jobs

The Australian Government has a sought-after rescue department. This department carries out all rescue operations within Australia. These rescue operations may be because of a health emergency, a natural calamity, or any other incident which poses danger to human life. Therefore, this is a highly sensitive department that requires individuals who are skilled in whatever they do.

Another requirement of these rescue jobs is character. The candidates must have a strong character to go with their top skills. This is because they might be faced with tough conditions that are not ordinarily encountered by humans in their daily lives. Rescue operations may be conducted on the land, in the air, or in the marine. Therefore, there are various fields in the rescue department including managers, coordinators, field officers, aviation controllers, etc.

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