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Australian Public Service Jobs 2023 by Australian Government – Application Process

Australian Public Service (APS) Jobs Application Process

Hey if your aim is to get settled by landing a government job with good salary package then i recommend you to read this article carefully because i am going to shed light on Australian Public Service (APS) platform where Australian government jobs, graduate trainee programs, and non-APS Australian jobs are available for recruitment in 2023 and in case if your preferred job is not open for recruitment then you will also be able to submit your email on APSjobs page so that whenever that vacancy will be available then you will get its opening notification right away.

Availability of All Types of Australian Public Service APS Jobs

Now if you are wondering what sort of jobs are available on APSjobs portal then you need not to worry because all Australian government jobs either they are part time, full time ongoing, contractual, or temporary are all advertised on APS platform, from where local Australian as well as international job seekers can apply directly.

I am also happy to inform you that APS is also the platform for finding entry level job positions in Australia and by saying this what i mean is cadet sponsorships, indigenous career pathways, internships, graduate trainee programs, school leaver opportunities, and apprenticeship programs.

Salary of Employee Recruited by Australian Public Service

I must tell you that jobs advertised by Australian public service are also highly compensated with generous salaries, good work environment, job security, superannuation entitlements, residential facility and medical allowances, annual leaves and many more benefits depending upon type of job position as per employement principles an APS conduct.

Application Process for Jobs at Australian Public Service (APS)

Now lets talk about how you will be able to find and apply for Australian government jobs from Australia public service and for that you need to first of all go through APS career pathways to get an idea about all of the employment programs and then you can search jobs via three different methods on APS job board:

  1. Search jobs via APS Government Departments
  2. Find jobs via APS job board
  3. Locate jobs as per Australian States and locations

There are basically 9 different locations where you can actually find government jobs on Australian public service jobs board and these locations are New South Wales, victoria, Tasmania, south Australia, western Australia, Capital territory of Australia, Queensland, northern territory of Australia and some international locations. So at the time of searching for a suitable job at APS jobs portal make sure to first filter their open positons and recruitment programs based on departments, or based on locations because this way you may be able to find Australian government jobs as per your desired preferences.

Once you find a job a APS portal which you think is suitable for you then i would recommend you to check is eligibility criteria, read its job role, and try to arrange all sort of documents which are required to apply for that specific job on APS job portal of Australia and i must mention this that there is No application fee required to apply for any APS job! With that my recommendation for you is to please polish your resume (CV), cover letter, and statement of interest as per the job role and do not just reuse these documents from previous job submissions because then your documents may not reflect your keen interest in that specific job to the recruiters at APS.

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