Australian Skills in Demand Work VISA for Jobs in 2025

The newly announced Australian Skills in Demand Visa, set to roll out by the end of 2024, that represents a significant evolution of Australia to capture international to skilled workers starting 2025. This upcoming skills in demand visa for Australia aims to better align foreign skilled labor with Australia’s workforce needs, reflecting a strategic shift in immigration policy to support economic growth and innovation.

Overview of the Skills in Demand Visa

The Australian government announced this visa in December 2023 as part of a broader Migration Strategy to address skill shortages and enhance the mobility and retention of global talent. It’s intended to replace the existing Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa, offering a more streamlined and flexible approach to skilled migration.

Three Pathways for Skills in Demand Visa are Announced

The Skills in Demand Visa introduces three distinct pathways, each catering to different skill levels and salary brackets:

  1. Specialist Skills Pathway: Targeted at top-tier professionals earning over AUD 135,000 annually. This pathway is designed for highly skilled individuals in critical occupations, offering rapid visa processing times of about 7 days. It aims to attract specialists who can contribute significantly to the Australian economy but excludes trades workers, machinery operators, drivers, and laborers.
  2. Core Skills Pathway: For professionals whose salaries range between AUD 70,000 and AUD 135,000 annually, and who are employed in occupations listed on the newly formulated Core Skills Occupation List. This list is managed by Jobs and Skills Australia and focuses on filling crucial roles in the labor market.
  3. Essential Skills Pathway: This pathway is still under development and will cater to individuals earning below AUD 70,000 in essential roles, particularly in sectors like aged care and disability services. It aims to ensure quality employment standards and address gaps in the labor market.

What are the Benefits of New Aurtalian Skills in Demand VISA?

The visa is structured to enhance the efficiency of the immigration process, offering up to a 4-year visa validity and promising faster processing times. This skills in demand visa ( also provides increased job security, allowing up to 180 days for visa holders to secure new employment if they lose their jobs. Moreover, all pathways outlined offer clear routes to permanent residency, which is highly appealing to those seeking long-term opportunities in Australia.

When can you apply for this?

Full details and the implementation framework of the Skills in Demand Visa are expected to be finalized by the end of 2024. This includes the completion of the Essential Skills Pathway (Ref) and updates to the Core Skills Occupation List (ref), which will be pivotal in addressing Australia’s current and future skills needs.

This visa is going to be a part of a strategic effort by the Australian government to attract and retain highly skilled workers, ensuring that the country’s labor market is adaptable and competitive on the global stage. As more details become available, potential applicants and businesses will need to stay informed to understand how this visa could impact their plans and operations within Australia.

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