Boren Scholarships 2025 at University of Pittsburgh

Elevate your academic journey and embrace global engagement with the Boren Scholarship and Fellowship Awards, specifically designed for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students passionate about enhancing their international and language studies. The University of Pittsburgh proudly supports its students in pursuing these prestigious awards, focusing on regions critical to U.S. interests.

Boren Scholarships: Broaden Your Horizon

Undergraduate students have the chance to fund their study abroad experiences in vital world regions with awards tailored by duration:

  • Up to $25,000 for stays of 25-52 weeks, emphasizing longer-term immersion.
  • Up to $12,500 for 12-24 weeks, offering substantial support for semester-long programs.
  • A special $8,000 incentive for STEM majors studying abroad for 8-11 weeks, encouraging brief, intensive exposure.

Boren Fellowships: Deepen Your Research

Graduate students looking to deepen their expertise can secure funding for research and language studies abroad:

  • Awards up to $25,000 for 25-52 weeks, supporting in-depth research projects.
  • Up to $12,500 for shorter 12-24 week projects, plus an optional $12,000 for domestic language study, expanding the fellowship’s reach and impact.

How to Apply for Boren Awarsd?

Embarking on the Boren Awards journey requires careful planning and preparation:

  1. Start Your Application: Choose your desired country and language on the official Boren Awards Apply Now page.
  2. Get Informed: Utilize resources like the Boren Awards webinar, connect with the University of Pittsburgh’s campus representative for tailored advice, and review the selection criteria meticulously.
  3. Choose a Program: Opt for a Regional Flagship Language Initiative for structured, language-focused programs or design your own study program to best match your academic and professional aspirations.
  4. Reflect on Professional Goals: Consider how your study aligns with national security and your career plans, especially within the federal government, to strengthen your application.
  5. Get More Support: Leverage webinars and direct support from Boren Awards staff and your campus representative for a competitive application.

Boren Awards Application Deadline

Don’t forget to mark these important dates on your calendar if you’re planning to apply for the Boren Awards 2024:

  • For Boren Fellowships: Make sure to submit your application by January 22, 2025.
  • For Boren Scholarships: Your deadline is a bit later, January 29, 2025.

Embrace this unique opportunity to expand your academic horizons and professional network. For University of Pittsburgh students, detailed application guidance and links are available at University of Pittsburgh Boren Scholarship information page. Start planning today for an enriching experience that will pave the way for a career on the world stage.

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