Camp Rising Sun 2024 Scholarship in New York by Louis August Jonas Foundation

Camp Rising Sun (CRS) 2024 scholarship is sponsored by Louis August Jonas Foundation which offers a unique and enriching experience for teenagers to sharpen their leadership skills and gain valuable cultural exchange experience in New York. This four-week, full-scholarship leadership program invites participants from over 30 countries and various US states to its scenic campus in Rhinebeck, New York. Catering to around 130 teenagers each summer, CRS stands as a beacon of learning, growth, and global friendship.

Two Groups Available for CRS Scholarship 2024

CRS 2024 is organized into two distinct sessions: one for girls and non-binary participants from June 27 to July 24, 2024, and another for boys and non-binary participants from August 1 to August 28, 2024.

CRS Scholarship Benefits

CRS is a full scholarship program covering tuition costs. In cases where travel costs are a burden, the Louis August Jonas Foundation (LAJF) provides need-based financial assistance.

Eligibility Details

  • Open to global applicants.
  • Age requirements: At least 15 at the start and not older than 17 by the end of the session.
  • Full availability for the four-week session.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Legacy campers (children or grandchildren of alumni) must apply as such.

Theme of CRS 2024 Program

1# Leadership Development Focus

The heart of CRS lies in its commitment to nurturing future leaders. Participants engage in various workshops, challenges, and real-world experiences to hone skills in communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, and more. This comprehensive approach prepares them to be effective and empathetic leaders in their communities.

2# Diverse Global Community

CRS stands out for its diverse assembly of young people from around the world, offering a rich cultural mosaic. This setting is not just about meeting new people; it’s an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in different cultures, fostering understanding and lifelong connections.

3# Adventure and Fun

Beyond its educational aspects, CRS is also about fun and adventure. The camp offers a plethora of activities like swimming, hiking, and sports, amidst the beautiful natural surroundings of Rhinebeck, New York.

4# Ethical Leadership Experience

In addition to CRS, participants can join The Ethical Leadership Experience (TELE), a virtual program to work on collaborative projects, share passions, and build friendships with peers globally.

Application Process of CRS Scholarship 2024

  1. Complete the application by the regional deadline mentioned below.
  2. If selected, attend an interview (Jan 15 – Mar 1, 2024).
  3. Admissions decisions in March.
  4. Admitted students’ information session on April 6th.
  5. Confirm attendance within a week of admission.
  6. Waitlist candidates may be accepted from April.

Deadlines by Region:

  • January 5th: Germany
  • January 15th: General deadline for most regions
  • February 1st: Finland, Palestine, Poland, Greenland, USA – Minnesota
  • February 15th: Denmark, Greece, Ecuador (2025 admission), Hungary, Norway, Sweden
  • February 16th: Spain
  • April 13th: Japan.

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