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Can foreigners Work for British (UK) Government?

You may have got higher qualifications, commendable work experience, and you may turn out to be an asset worker for any organization but your job application can be turned down based on your nationality which is a deciding factor of employment in United Kingdom.

Simple Answer on Whether Foreigners Can Work for UK Civil Service

I did lot of research to verify if a foreigner can work in UK government or not and verified relevant data to share with your this surprising fact that foreigners are actually allowed to work for UK civil service for various non-reserved quota employment opportunities and in some case even for reserved quota jobs, so lets read this article till the very end to fetch abstract of my research on this.

Can Dual Nationals and Ireland Citizens work in UK Government?

I have a got a good news for my Irish readers and holders of dual nationalities with one UK nationality that both of you are actually allowed to work for British government but your employment is subject to fulfilling UK civil service criteria for the job you are applying for and with that you would also need to make sure that your second nationality is from a UK friendly country (Ref Hmtreasury).

Can Turkish & Swiss Citizens Work for British Government?

Swiss citizens are accepted to work for UK civil service for non reserved jobs depending upon if they stand eligible for the British government job of their choice but my Turkish readers would have certain limitations in order to find permanent employment in UK government because as per European Community Association Agreement (ECAA), Turkiye citizens are bound to stay and had work history of at least 4 years in UK in order to apply for jobs in UK civil service, so technically speaking yes it is possible for my Turkish job seeker audience to work for government of UK (Ref Changes to Civil Service Rules 2021).

Can EEA/Commonwealth country Nationals work for UK government?

So now if your country is a member of commonwealth countries or comes under EEA countries list then you are in luck because you may also stand eligible for Non-reserved UK government jobs advertised by UK civil service department and with that you will also be required to clear all requirements of UK work visa and immigration including providing evidence of your English language proficiency (Ref UK Civil Service Nationality Rules Book).

Can Asylum Seekers Work for UK Government?

So technically if you are an asylum seeker in UK then you can work for UK civil service jobs that comes under shortage occupation list (SOL) and even for that British home office issued registration card is a mandatory requirement for all asylum seekers to apply for civil service jobs in UK (Ref Asylum page civil service UK).

Can British Nationals born abroad work for UK government?

If you are a British national born outside of UK and have a UK passport confirming your British citizenship then you also would be required to get attestation to this fact from UK home office before you apply for UK civil service jobs.


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