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Canadian Citizenship Through Property Purchase in 2023

There are so many different options available to non Canadians to immigrate to Canada on various immigration or employment programs but you may think what if you buy a Canadian property and then based on that property you may get Canadian citizenship, so we are going to explore this in detail in this article.

If you have asked this question before January 2023 then this was kind of possible for non-Canadian citizens to purchase Canadian property and then spend at least 3 years on that property in Canada to apply for Canadian citizenship but since after January 1, 2023 a ban on purchase of Canadian residential property by non-Canadians was imposed until January 1, 2025 due to shortage of residential homes in Canada (Ref Law dept Canada Gov).

But there are certain exceptions to this law which are for those non-Canadians who got married with Canadian citizens or for those students who spent last 5 years in Canada to purchase a residential property of worth $500k or under.

And now i will answer this question that if you can buy Canadian citizenship through property purchasing in Canada in 2023 so the answer to this question is ‘No’ because this foreigner home ownership ban in Canada prohibits it and even before this imposed act this was not possible for non-Canadians to buy Canadian citizenship by purchasing a property in Canada alone (Ref

This is why if someone is telling you that you can get Canadian citizenship if you buy an industrial, residential, farming, or commercial property in Canada then that would not be true because Canada never allowed non Canadian citizens to purchase Canadian real estate in hopes of getting a Canadian passport.

However, if you want to move to Canada to start a new life over there then you can adopt other possible ways such as apply for express entry, skill shortage jobs, or Canadian provincial immigration programs. Whereas you can also obtain Canadian immigration through investment programs but for this option you would need to have at least $200k proof so to apply for Canadian immigration through investment.

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