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Canadian Government Jobs 2024 for Students and Fresh Grads by FSWEP

Those who want to start work as an officer at Canadian government are now being provided with an opportunity to apply for Canada government jobs by Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) and all jobs available under this FSWEP program are either full time or part time whereas if you manage to get jobs through FSWEP then you can expect a starting salary of CAD$16-$35/hour.

Therefore in this article i am going to elaborate on how as a student or as a fresh graduate you can submit a resume (CV) with job application at Canadian government so that when vacancies become available in their jobs inventory then your application can be considered and upon successful recruitment you can be placed anywhere across the Canada in 2024.

So, if you are a student looking for a part-time or full time job position at Canadian government department then this article is going to be super beneficial for you and just for motivating you let me tell you that in 2020-2021 over 7500 students were recruited by Canadian government under this FSWEP program already.

Lets Explore Benefits of Working for Canadian Government

If you manage to take a job through this FSWEP student recruitment program then you will also be able to jump into various other departments of Canadian government for a better job position through Canadian federal public service commission because you will have some work experience, qualification, and skills making you stand out among rest of the job applicants.

You will also receive an hourly salary of $16-$35 while enjoying proper work/life balance and with that i think these FSWEP student jobs at Canada government also provide opportunity to you for polishing your skills and gain practical knowledge by working with full time employees of that department.

Which jobs are available through FSWEP?

Canadian government is keen to offer jobs to students and fresh graduates of IT, enforcement, policy, agriculture, engineering, administration, healthcare, finance and several other departments whereas you may also land a job at Canadian farms, laboratories, ships, national parks, historical places and transport sector in over 300 Canadian cities with thousands of locations.

How to Apply for Canadian Government Jobs and Check Eligibility?

Before you even start i must tell you that all these Canadian government jobs require their job applicants to be super proficient in English language because all these FSWEP jobs are English/French spoken ones and for that reason in strongly suggest you to make sure that your English language skills are good enough.

After that you need to check your academic eligibility to stand eligible for government of Canada jobs and for that you need to have CEGEP college certificate, high school certificate, or have to be a full time university student. whereas you will also be required to clear age requirements to apply for Canadian gov jobs which is minimum 15 years (Ref Ontario Gov).

Let me also tell you that for a few Canadian federal public service vacancies you are also required to fill self declaration form in case you belong from a special quote of disabled, visible minority, women, or indigenous people because only these no others can apply for these 4 quota job vacancies.

If you meet these requirements and have all documents ready then you are all set to add your job applicant entry to FSWEP student investor from where job applicants are picked up on ongoing basis as when new jobs are available in Canadian government.

So for example if a job becomes available at certain Canadian government department then FSWEP will pick suitable candidates from inventory, interview them, and select the best to conduct final security clearance to provide job offer to that job applicant and now if you are interested to become part of this Canadian government jobs for students then please do not waste time and submit your application asap.

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