Canadian Highest Paid Occupations and Trades in 2023 Recap

Looking back at 2023, Canada’s job market was really strong, offering lots of well-paying skill shortages, LMIA, and without LMIA opportunities. The country had a lot of people working (a 61.9% employment rate), especially in areas like STEM sectors such as Health, IT, finance, and marketing.

This look back at 2023 helps us guess what might happen in 2024. Canada is a great place to work because of good pay, low taxes, and friendly policies for people coming from other countries to work. As we move into 2024, what we learned last year can help people who want to find good jobs in Canada.

Canada’s job market in 2023 offered a variety of high-paying opportunities in various trades and professions. With a strong economy and a high employment rate of 61.9%, Canada is going to be an attractive destination for job seekers even in 2024, providing opportunities in fields such as health, technology, finance, and marketing. Below are the top trades and professions which in Canada received high salaries in 2023 as per statisticsCanada.

Top 5 Paying Trades in Canada (2023)

  1. Truck Driver (NOC 7511) – Salary: $140,352. Requirements include being 18+, possessing a valid driver’s license, passing a medical exam, and often completing specific training.
  2. Plumber (NOC 7251) – Salary: $101,376. Aspiring plumbers must be 18+, have a high school diploma, complete a 4-5 year apprenticeship, and obtain a plumbing license.
  3. Welder (NOC 7201) – Salary: $84,489. Qualifications include being 18+, holding a high school diploma, completing a 1-2 year welding program, and often obtaining certification.
  4. Electrician (NOC 7241) – Salary: $84,139. Requirements are being 18+, having a high school diploma, completing a 4-5 year apprenticeship, and obtaining a license.
  5. Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) (NOC 7311) – Salary: $83,579. Candidates need to be 18+, possess a high school diploma, complete a relevant apprenticeship, and sometimes get certified.

15 High Paying Job Occupations in Canada (2023)

  1. Cardiologist: $280,591. Requires medical school, internal medicine residency, cardiology fellowship, and registration with the provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons.
  2. Anaesthesiologist: $358,908. Involves medical school and a five-year residency in anesthesiology.
  3. Psychiatrist: $298,065. Needs medical school and a five-year residency in psychiatry.
  4. Physician: $254,847. Requires a bachelor’s degree, medical school, and a family medicine residency.
  5. Surgeon: $279,646. Entails a bachelor’s degree, medical school, and a surgical residency.
  6. Orthodontist: $209,373. Involves a bachelor’s degree, dental school, and postgraduate orthodontic program.
  7. Chief Marketing Officer: $109,196. Requires experience in marketing and often a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree.
  8. Vice President: $135,578. Qualifications vary by industry, often requiring a four-year degree and possibly a Master’s.
  9. Software Engineering Manager: $143,044. Needs a computer science degree, professional experience, and leadership skills.
  10. Director of IT: $117,890. Requires a degree in computer science, IT, or business administration, with extensive IT experience.
  11. Software Architect: $109,021. Involves a computer science degree and extensive software engineering experience.
  12. Enterprise Architect: $110,083. Needs a degree in computer science, IT, or business administration, with experience in IT and enterprise architecture.
  13. Pharmacist: $105,088. Requires a four-year pharmacy degree, internship, and registration with a regulatory authority.
  14. Corporate Controller: $103,056. Needs an accounting degree, CPA designation, and experience in financial management.
  15. Data Scientist: $84,630. Requires a related degree, programming proficiency, and experience in data analysis and statistical modeling.

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