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Canadian VISA or Citizenship Application Fees May 2023 Updated

You might not know this but when you submit an application to apply for Canadian VISA, residence permit, permanent residency, or eTA then an application processing fee is charged by immigration office of Canada therefore this is very important to find out how much money you should be paying for your Canadian VISA type when submitting your application in 2023.

How You Will Submit Your VISA Application for Canada?

As you may have predicted already that there would actually be two options (Online application or Paper based application) to submit your Canadian VISA application for consideration by Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Commission (CICC) so lets discuss them and then we will see if application fees is same or not for both procedures.

1- Canada VISA Application (Online)

If you want to adopt an online method of submitting an application for Canadian VISA then you will first need to create a free IRCC account which is the only approved portal by CICC Canada for accepting Canadian VISA applications. In your IRCC account you will then select the VISA type for Canada, add your biodata details, attach all required documents, pay application fees, and submit your forms and wait for their review and decision.

2- Canada VISA Application (At Embassy – In Person)

Now if you do not want to submit an application VISA application for Canada then the only option you are left with is to submit your visa application by visiting Canadian embassy or CICC visa application center in your country. With this application method you will be required to bring your passport, and all required documents and then there you will fill in paper based VISA application form, do your biometrics (Face photo with fingerprint), and pay application fees to submit your Canadian visa application offline.

Application Fees for Online or In-Person Canadian VISA Application

As per my research and confirmation by CICC office, you should know that the application fees for Canadian VISA application is SAME regardless of application submission method but this application fees may differ based on the type of visa you apply for and with that i think it is worth mentioning that both these application methods require you to submit same type of supporting documents and processing time for both these application methods will also be same.

Canada VISA Application Fees Chart for All VISA Types

Here i am going to provide you the application fee chart of all Canadian visas and based on your visa type you will then know that how much application fees you will be required to pay when submitting your application in 2023:

Canadian VISA, Citizenship, and Immigration Application Types Application Fee
Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Canada $7
International Experience Canada (IEC) for Canada $161
Study Permit for Canada $150
Restore Study VISA + New study permit $200+$150
Temporary resident permit for Canada $200
Canada Visitor visa (inclusive of super visa) $100
Canada Visitor VISA per Family of 5 $500
Canadian Visitor Visa Extension (1 Person) $100
Extend your stay as a visitor $100
Canadian Work Permit (With Extension) $155
Work Permit for a Group of 3 (Artists etc) $355
Business VISA Processing fees + PR fees $1625 + $515
Business VISA for Spouse fess + PR fees $850 + $515
Business VISA for Child (Dependent) $230
Canadian Caregiver VISA fees + PR fees $570 + $515
Caregiver Dependent Child VISA Fees $155 per Child
Canadian Economic Immigration VISA fees $1,365
Humanitarian Visa fees + PR Fees $570 + $515
Canadian Permanent Residence Card Fees $50
Permanent Resident Travel Document for Canada fees $50
Canada Permit Holder Class fees $850
Sponsor Relative fees for Canada (Over 22 Age) $1,080
Sponsor Relative fees for Canada (Under 22 Age) $665
Sponsor Grandparent or Parent for Canada $1,080
Sponsor Spouse of Grandparent of Parent $1,085
Sponsor child of parent or grand parent $155
Sponsor your Spouse for Canada $1,080
Sponsor your dependent child for Canada $155
Canadian Citizenship Application fees (Adults) $630
Canadian Citizenship Proof Certificate fees $75
Biometrics fees for Canadian immigration $85 / person


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