Chevening Clore Leadership Fellowship 2024


The Chevening Clore Leadership Fellowship 2024 offers mid-career professionals in the arts and culture sector a tailored leadership development programme in the UK, funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office in partnership with Clore Leadership. Open to international applicants, this fellowship provides an exceptional opportunity for those looking to enhance their leadership skills and impact in the cultural field.

What is the Chevening Clore Leadership Fellowship?

This fellowship is not just a programme but a journey of personal and professional transformation. Designed for mid-career professionals, it aims to develop leadership potential, acumen, and skills within the arts and culture sector. Over the years, it has shaped exceptional cultural leaders, offering a tailored and experiential learning experience that is rich in practice and grounded in contemporary leadership theories.

The Fellowship Experience Will be Like:

Running from September 2024 to May 2025, the fellowship provides a flexible yet intensive learning environment. It is uniquely designed to support cultural leaders in becoming the best version of themselves, focusing on in-depth learning tailored to individual needs, aspirations, and circumstances.


Participants will join a cohort of around 20 fellows, including both UK and international talents, engaging in a programme that includes:

  • Two residential leadership courses
  • Skills-based workshops
  • An Online Climate Assembly
  • A 360° leadership profile assessment
  • A secondment within a UK-based cultural organisation
  • Bespoke learning opportunities through conferences, courses, and study visits
  • Focused support from a mentor or coach
  • The development of a written thought leadership provocation paper

The Impact of the Fellowship

The Chevening Clore Leadership Fellowship is transformative, not only for the participants but also for the broader cultural sector. Alumni like Arundhati Ghosh from India reflect on the programme as a rejuvenating experience that allows for personal growth and the development of precious bonds with fellow leaders.


How to Apply and application deadline?

If you’re a mid-career professional in the arts and culture sector with a vision to lead and inspire, this fellowship offers the tools and platform to achieve your goals. To apply, visit the Chevening website and fill out your application by 6 March 2024. Remember, the fellowship is highly competitive and seeks individuals who are motivated, curious, and ready to engage in a self-guided journey of leadership development


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