Chile Skill Shortage Jobs 2024 and Work VISA Types

In 2024, Chile, grappling with a significant skill shortage, has streamlined its immigration processes, making it easier for international workers to seek job opportunities. This move opens doors for skilled professionals worldwide to contribute to Chile’s diverse and growing economy. Chile, with its diverse economy and dynamic job market, is an attractive destination for international job seekers in 2024. So, understanding Chile’s work visa programs and skill shortage areas is key to tapping into these opportunities in 2024.

List of Skill Shortage Areas in Chile (2024)

As per the reports of Chile’s Ministry of labor the following areas are facing skill shortages across country for which international workers are being given work visas:

  • Agriculture and Forestry: These traditional sectors continue to be crucial.
  • Mining and Engineering: Chile’s copper industry, in particular, requires skilled professionals.
  • Renewable Energy: The growing focus on sustainable energy sources like solar and wind.
  • Information Technology: A global trend that Chile is part of, with demands in cybersecurity, software development, and data analysis.
  • Healthcare: An aging population has increased the need for healthcare professionals.
  • Tourism and Hospitality: As tourism rebounds, there’s a higher demand for skilled workers in this sector.

Work Visa Immigration Programs in Chile

Chile has streamlined its work visa programs to attract foreign talents, particularly in areas of skill shortages:

    1. “Subject-to-Contract” Visa: Ideal for those with a job offer from a Chilean company, this visa is valid for one or two years and renewable.
    2. Temporary Resident Visa: For job contracts of less than a year, this visa is highly sought after and can be renewed if the job opportunity continues.
    3. Chile Work Visa: For contracts exceeding one year, this two-year visa is renewable.
    4. Chile Job Seeker VISA

Chile has updated its immigration system to accommodate various types of work visas, catering to different professional and business needs. As of 2024, these include:

1# Temporary Residence Visa for Job Search (Visa SUJE): This visa is particularly designed for foreign professionals with university degrees who are seeking job opportunities in Chile. It allows a stay of up to six months, during which the holder can reside and work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) in any field. This visa is ideal for those who have completed higher education and are looking to start their careers in Chile. The eligibility criteria include holding a recognized university degree, possessing professional licenses or certifications if required, showing proof of financial resources, and having valid health insurance.

2# Subclass Work Visas: These are specific to your profession and qualifications, and include:

    • Subclase 12 – Profesional Contratado: For professionals holding a degree.
    • Subclase 13 – Trabajador Calificado: Aimed at skilled technical workers.
    • Subclase 14 – Inversionista: For investors starting a business in Chile.

3# Temporary Residence Visa: This visa has been restructured under the new immigration law and includes 16 subcategories. It can be granted for up to 2 years and renewed indefinitely in 2-year increments. Available subcategories include:

    • Permits for International Workers: Requires a local work contract or job offer. This visa is no longer tied to the validity of a work contract, allowing flexibility to change employers.
    • Permits for Investors, Managers, Directors, or Specialized Personnel: For those investing in Chilean projects, with requirements including a criminal record certificate and sponsorship letter from InvestChile.
    • Permits for Seasonal Workers: For temporary international workers for up to 6 months in a calendar year.
    • Permits for International Executives or Directors: For those with business interests in Chile, allowing multiple entries but limiting the stay to no more than 6 months per calendar year.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for a Chilean work visa, applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Secure a job offer from a Chilean company.
  • Have a Spanish-translated work contract approved by Chile’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Provide educational certificates and a police clearance from their home country.

Application Process:

The application process for these visas involves gathering necessary documents (like your passport, degree certificates, financial proof, health insurance, and a clean criminal record), completing an online application, scheduling an interview, and then awaiting the decision, which typically takes around 30 days. After approval, the fees are paid, and the visa is collected and here are the simple steps of it:

  • Online Application: Complete the form on Chile’s official government website.
  • Document Submission: Provide the necessary job offer letter, work contract, and personal documentation.
  • Processing Time: Usually takes about 15-20 days.
  • Visa Duration: Depends on the visa type, either one year or two years.

How to Find Skill Shortage Jobs in Chile in 2024?

Finding skill shortage jobs in Chile involves a strategic approach to leverage various resources and networks. Here are enhanced strategies to aid your search:

Official Resources

    1. Chile’s Ministry of Labor and Social Security: Regularly publishes reports on occupations in high demand. These reports provide insights into professions facing skill shortages and may include regional specifics, offering a focused job search strategy.
    2. SENCE (Servicio Nacional de Capacitación y Empleo): This public agency operates employment programs and job placement services. Their platform features a job search engine that lists vacancies reported by companies across Chile, allowing for filters by region, industry, and more.
    3. InvestChile: As the government’s investment promotion agency, InvestChile is a key resource for identifying sectors and industries actively seeking foreign talent. Their website often outlines ongoing investment projects and targeted industries, aligning with your skill set.

Job Boards and Online Platforms

    1. Bumeran: As one of Chile’s leading job boards, Bumeran offers a broad range of job postings across various industries. Tailor your search to focus on areas of skill shortages.
    2. Indeed: An international job board with a dedicated section for Chilean jobs. Use advanced search features to target postings in high-demand occupations.
    3. Specialized Industry Websites: Explore websites specific to your industry for job listings in Chile. These platforms are often tailored to specific sectors and can offer targeted job opportunities.

Key Employers in Skill Shortage Areas of Chile

Investigate opportunities with major Chilean companies in sectors like finance (Banco Santander, Banco de Chile), tourism (LATAM Airlines, Hotelera Nacional), and services (Accenture, IBM). Explore their career pages and use professional networking to connect with these employers.

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