Chile Job Seeker VISA 2024 Application Process (Temporary Residence Visa for Job Search)

Chile’s job seeker visa is known as the Temporary Residence Visa for Job Search (Visa SUJE) in 2024 which is designed for foreign professionals with university degrees, this visa is a gateway to explore job opportunities in Chile’s dynamic market. In this article, we explore who can benefit from Visa SUJE, its requirements, and the application process, providing a roadmap for ambitious professionals seeking a new career horizon in Chile. Join us in unraveling this unique opportunity to turn your job-seeking journey into an exciting adventure.

Chile, known for its robust economy and diverse job market, offers an excellent opportunity for foreign professionals seeking employment. The Temporary Residence Visa for Job Search (Visa SUJE) is a unique pathway that allows skilled individuals to explore job opportunities while legally residing in Chile.

What is Chile’s Visa SUJE?

Visa SUJE is specifically designed for foreign professionals who wish to search for a job in Chile. It grants a stay of up to six months, during which you can legally reside and work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) in any field. This visa is ideal for those who have completed higher education and are looking to kickstart their careers in a dynamic and welcoming environment.

Eligibility Criteria for SUJE

To be eligible for Visa SUJE, you must:

    • Hold a recognized university degree (bachelor’s or higher, equivalent to four years of study).
    • Possess additional professional licenses or certifications if your field requires (e.g., medicine, law).
    • Show proof of financial resources (around USD 1,500 per month).
    • Have a valid passport and health insurance.

Benefits of Visa SUJE

With this Chile’s job seeker residence permit visa, you can:

    • Legally reside in Chile for six months.
    • Work part-time in your field.
    • Open a bank account and obtain a RUT (tax identification number).
    • Access basic social services.

How to Apply for Job Seeker VISA of Chile in 2024?

    1. Gather Documents: Prepare your passport, degree certificates, financial proof, health insurance, and a clean criminal record.
    2. Online Application: Visit the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and complete the application form.
    3. Schedule an Interview: After the online application, book an interview at a Chilean consulate or embassy.
    4. Await Decision: The processing time is around 30 days.
    5. Pay Fees and Collect Visa: If approved, pay the visa fees and get your visa stamp.

Conversion of SUJE After Employment in Chile:

Once you secure a job in Chile on SUJE then you must convert your Visa SUJE to a Chile work visa. For that, you will be required to inform your employer and start gathering necessary documents like your employment contract and additional personal details. Then apply for the Chile work visa online and attend another interview. After approval, pay the fees and collect your new Chile Work visa.

Types of Work Visas for Chile in 2024

Chile offers various work visas depending on your profession and qualifications, such as:

  • Subclase 12 – Profesional Contratado: For degree-holding professionals.
  • Subclase 13 – Trabajador Calificado: For skilled technical workers.
  • Subclase 14 – Inversionista: For investors starting a business in Chile.

You can opt for any of these above mentioned visa types after getting employment in Chile.

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