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Come to Canada for 6 Months and Live Forever on Canadian Nomad VISA

Recently everybody is talking about Canadian immigration new policy that allows freelancers, contractors, and digital nomads to enter and live in Canada for 6 months under new updated Canada’s tech talent strategy and this is why i thought of disclosing this wonderful news with you guys so that you may also take advantage of this new Canadian immigration scheme.

You might wonder why Canada opened doors for digital nomads all of a sudden which actually feels like they literally cut the red tape of their standard immigration lane to process visas for foreign digital nomads via a brand new immigration policy. So the reason for this is exponential growth of digital nomads over the last few years which as per recent report is as follows for US digital nomads (Ref):

Growth Chart of US Citizen Digital Nomads

Years Nomads Growth
2019 7.3 Million
2020 10.9 Million 49%
2021 15.5 Million 42%
2022 16.9 Million 9%

You will also be surprised to know that the income of these digital nomads increased by 3 folds during last few years which is why nowadays every other country is launching these digital nomad visa policies to capture these high earner digital nomads because when they will start living in a specific country then their foreign earned income will actually land in that host country of digital nomad hence contributing to the economy of that country.

This is why fraser’s agency recently created exemptions in Canadian Labor Market Impact Assessment process to allow digital nomads to apply for Canadian digital nomad visa said by Nicole Cieslicki, Senior Director of International Services at MBO Partners.

I am also excited to inform you that due to US-Canada income tax treaty if you are a digital nomad who moved to Canada then in your first six months you will be exempted from paying any income tax in Canada but you may have to file your income tax returns in US as per 183 days rule.

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