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Immigrate to Canada on Digital Nomad VISA in 2024

Big news just came in from Sean Fraser (Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship) who recently unveiled a new Canadian Nomad visa that is going to allow international digital NOMADS to enter and live in any province of Canada and still work for their companies, or run their own digital business and when this happens then Canada will enter its name in list of those countries where digital nomads can fly to and start their living through nomad visa.

Why Canada is going to offer Digital nomad visa?

Basically, the idea of issuing digital nomad visa was to facilitate international digital workers to work remotely while travelling through that country but recently many countries stated capturing those global digital nomads as they realized that digital nomads can actually benefit their countries through any of following ways:

You might wonder what are the benefits for Canada for offering these digital nomad visas so for that you need to understand that if a digital nomad earning money from non-Canadian sources settles down in Canada then obviously that digital nomad will start paying taxes on commodities, purchases, and in various other heads.

With that digital nomads who are will start working in Canada for their foreign employers will also bringing in their non-Canadian income sourced funds to Canada which will again benefit Canada in terms of foreign currency being landed on their soil and lastly Canada is also going to benefit from job opportunity creation by these digital nomads as they settle down and expand their online business/work.

With that Canada is also planning to provide permanent residency to those digital nomads who start living in Canada, earn money from non-Canadian companies and bring that money in Canada and empower local Canadians by offering jobs.

Do you stand eligible for Canadian digital nomad visa?

See if you are employed remotely by any international company, or are working as blogger, youtube, freelancer, or running your own e-commerce platform, or have successful apps that are generating profitable income for you from non-Canadian sources then you will actually stand eligible to apply for digital nomad visa for Canada and if you manage to get it then you will be able to live in Canada for up to six months and can also renew it upon expiry (Ref Canadian immigration office).

Now if you are interested to check your eligibility for Canadian digital nomad visa and requirements to apply for it then you need to wait for a few months as its immigration program is currently under design by Canadian immigration office and soon they will be releasing this information about eligibility, application process, application fees, & processing duration, so i will update you once this information surfaces.

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